Date Range Adventure Name Vindicators Villains Supporting Cast Synopsis
5/01 - 6/01 Tooth and Claw Frostfyre Bitch Marion Bradley In the wake of the destruction of High Justice, Marion Bradley, representative of the Margaret Ashe Foundation, formed a new team of heroes.  Their first trial was to thwart a bank robbery, the perpetrators being The Company of Wolves led by the mercenary known as Bitch(!).  The Vindicators were successful in bringing the Company down as well as their leader, but Seawolf escaped.  In the aftermath 5th Power, a super hero team based in nearby Windsor, showed up late.
  Paladin The Company of Wolves Hip Fernandez
  Havok Teresa Kinkaid
  Vortex 5th Power
6/01 - 7/01 Press Conference/ Frostfyre Jannisaries Marion Bradley The Vindicators host a press conference to officially introduce themselves to Motor City.  After the press conference they are approached by a mysterious woman but before she can explain who she is or what she needs a group of men and women employing force field devices similar to Paragon's attack!  The Vindicators are able to fend them off and the woman explains she is an escapee from a facility in Canada, run by the same people responsible for creating Paragon.  Even though it is far outside their jurisdiction The Vindicators take an important step and decide doing what is right has no boundaries.
  Convention Hall Combat Paladin Kay Dee
  Havok Teresa Kinkaid
7/01 - 9/01 Impending Doom Frostfyre Jannisaries Kay Dee The Vindicators flew into Canada do the hidden illegal facility in an attempt to free the genetically engineered misfits.  They faced off against a contingent of Jannisaries.  High Justice's Karma Doyle, for reasons of her own*, involved herself.  She convinced former team mate NUKE to give her a ride.  She and The Vindicators narrowly escaped a confrontation with The Albino Crime Sindicate and returned to the states.
  Paladin Albino Crime Sindicate Teresa Kinkaid
  Havok Karma Doyle
  Vortex Selina Gordon
    Paragon     *Doyle seemed to have some sort of relationship with Kay Dee
9/01 Aftermath Frostfyre   Kay Dee The team finally settles in at the base.  Paladin's mentor Brother Muldoon arrives.  Marion Bradley and Muldoon proceed to attempt to aid the misfits.  Karma Doyle meanwhile begins some relationship with Kay Dee, whom she shares a superficial resemblance.  As for Frostfyre, her vision continues to deteriorate.
  Paladin Misfits
  Havok Brother Muldoon
10/01 Interlude: Havok's Quest Havok   Platinum Blonde Havok tracked down former super villain Platinum Blonde to learn how to fight.
10/01-11/01 Frostfyre Styf Aliens: lt. General Miller An US Army base containing a US Navy ULF facility on site suddenly went dark, literally.  It was surrounded  by a black dome.  No communications came from it and an Army Ranger unit entered it…and did not return.  The team entered the dome and discovered it had been taken over by Styf aliens who had been trapped in another dimension.  The aliens attempted to use the ULF array to destroy the Earth in revenge, but the Vindicators managed to stop them.  Only one alien, the insane Mo, survived, and Paragon was blinded.
  Paladin Mother of the 4th Circle Shlowea lt. Quivers
  Havok Mother of the 7th Circle Mla Selena Gordon
  Vortex Mother of the 2nd Circle Mo
  Paragon Various battle drones
11/01 Interludes Frostfyre Sea Wolf Sea Hawk Sea Wolf cuts a deal with the Federal government to testify against his brothers, part of the condition being he has to serve with the new California super Hero team the Pacific Defenders (later called the Pacific Guard).  Meanwhile Vortex begins to have feelings for Doctor Kinkaid.  At this time also Frostfyre's vision completely deteriorates to the point where she can only see heat.  She is trained by Paragon to compensate.  Meanwhile, Wolf meets with the spirit of his deceased grandfather, asking him for guidance.
  Paladin Teresa Kinkaid
  Havok Hip Fernandez
  Vortex Junal Pathkiller
12/01-7/02 The Extra-Dimensonal Invasion Frostfyre Acustyx Teresa Kinkaid The Tandians, an extra-dimensional empire, launch a world wide assault upon planet Earth!  Among their first targets is The Hole, where numerous super villains are housed.  5th Power travels to Toronto to deal with a dimensional vortex, and another vortex opens up in Ireland.  The Vindicators fly to The Hole and track down the escapees.  There they receive a call from Brian Griffith; most of High Justice, past and present members included, have been disabled!  The Vindicators track down escaped prisoners from The Hole: Frostbite, Superbeast, Acustyx, Radiohead, Java, Megalith, and Baffler.  Meanwhile, Kinkaid fought Mauler and her back was broken.  The Vindicators discover from Karma Doyle and the other Vindicators, save for The Morrigan, were infected with a magical virus.  The Vindicators fight the Tandians in Ireland alongside various heroes, along with the Faey folk who have been called upon for aid by the new Morrigan, while other Vindicators sneak into an extradimensional prison to rescue various hostages, among them Annette, the team's sponsor.  There they discover several heroes, among them Maximum Justice's Lazarus and...Kinkaid!  It is discovered some heroes have been cloned and replaced.  Kinkaid's clone survives her programming due to her being physically unable to carry it out.  In the aftermath the Tandians flee, The Morrigan retires and is replaced by her protoge, the original Kinkaid meets her other self and High Justice officially disbands.  Grimoire's sidekick, Felisomballa, was mind controlled into betraying him and High Justice.  She died in the crossfire.  Also, the original Kinkaid helps to form a new super hero team: Avant Guard.
  Paladin Baffler Kinkaid clone
  Havok Superbeast Diane Lansedale
  Vortex Frostbite Selena Gordon
  Valiant Radiohead Brian Griffith
  Wolf Megalith Karma Doyle
  Paragon Java Lionheart
  Mauler Loki
  The Tandians Lazarus
7/02 Interlude Pacific Guard Riptide   The Pacific Guard was on the trail of the pirate Riptide.  MACO was betrayed by Seawolf in a plot to re-unite The Hobbes brothers.
7/2-9/2 The Big Chill Corona Rooster Kinkaid clone Sea Wolf's plan to free his brothers goes into effect!  While Frostbite and Superbeast are being transported to Motor City for a hearing, Frostbite's old team Hard Winter attempts to free them.  The Vindicators, warned by Pacific Guard, race to free them but are almost shot out of the sky by Rooster and Machine Head of Heavy Metal!  The Vindicators arrive and their jet is shot out of the sky.  Able to bail out safely, they engage Hard Winter and manage to prevent the jail break. Meanwhile in Washing DC the Kinkaid clone meets with Vortex for a potential romantic liason but they are attacked by Seductra and The Sorcerer, the latter wanting to settle an old score!  Seductra and The Sorcerer were driven off and Hard Winter was defeated, but Corona and Paladin were almost killed.
  (formerly Frostfyre) Machine Head Diane Lansedale
  Paladin Permafrost Selena Gordon
  Havok Glacier Hip Fernandez
  Vortex Snowblind
  Valiant Black Ice
  Wolf Chill
  Paragon Seductra
  The Sorcerer
4/12-9/12 Lord Dread's Endgame Vortex Lord Dread Kinkaid Lord Dread destroyed the Starscraper with a nuclear device, slaying, among others, The Cavalier, Lionheart, Mustapha, Havok, Cyndane.  He then hacked the planet to gloat about it, placing a bounty upon all the world's heroes.  The Sisterhood attacked The Vindicators while Vortex rode the Inigo Montoya throught a harsh re-entry with The Adjudicator's mechanic Red and Gillian Grimes to crash near Washington DC.  Vortex fought assassins sent to kill his ex-wife and was aided by Spectra, while The Vindicators defeated The Sisterhood.  Meanwhile, International Solutions assaulted the Neo Phyters in Vancouver and the Hustlers attacked Pure Power's Plant, slaughtering numerous students.  Wolf and Valiant as well as The Reapers came to the unexpected aid of the 'Phyters, between the three different groups International Solutions was defeated.  Junal was critically wounded and was spirited away by Annette.  In the attack Yvette Horizon was slain during an act of immense heroism.  Wolf and Valiant along with 'Phyters Redcap and Transporter headed to Motor City with Annette's help, while Vortex was also retrieved by the sorceress.  It was then that Grimoire and Battle Maiden appeared.  They had been trapped by Annette in a pocket dimension and upon discovering what had happened they had accused Annette of knowing the Starscraper's imminent destruction.  And Annette confessed.  She knew it was going to happen and she allowed it to come to pass to insure a potential dark futured ruled by the likes of an evil Lionheart, Kinkaid and Havok would not come to pass.  She departed, defiant.  The group headed to a facility called Endeavor Inc. where the Neo Phyter's old alien shuttle was stored.  A plan was formed in the face of a deadline; in twenty four hours the Royal Navy Submarine Vengeance would nuke Corsica in a bid to kill Dread, killing hundreds of thousands.  The team would engage in a two pronged assault upon Dread; a shuttle team carrying an EMP device would attack from the front, Battle Maiden's team would 'port from the rear.  Both teams met resistance from Dread's minions, the Hand of Dread.  Battered, both teams triumphed and rejoined to face off against the villain while Knack flew into space to stop Dread's final endgame, using a United States weapon satellite to destroy Disneyworld.  Knack succeeded and apparently died heroically while the others fought Dread.  Dread was slain when a wounded Trickshot, enraged at the death of his friend, smashed his magic bow into Dread's helmeted skull.
  Wolf Hand of Dread Neo Phyters
  Valiant Sisterhood Lionheart
  Willhelm International Solutions Grimoire
  Battle Maiden Mustapha
  Black Angel Karma Doyle
  Trickshot Foray
  Knack Gillian Grimes
  Apex "Red" Bernstein
  Doc Atomica Spectra
  Junal Pathkiller
  The Reapers
  Marion Bradley
  Agent U
  Diane Lansedale