4th Power was an idea formed by N.U.K.E. shortly after he was kicked out of High Justice.  He wanted back in to the team but realized he needed to redeem himself.  But how could he redeem himself?  As a solo hero he could not do a great deal, but if he was the head of another super hero group he could prove his leadership skills and do more good than he could have on his own.

Things have not exactly worked out that way, however.  4th Power has the dubious distinction of being the most destructive super hero team on the planet.  Perhaps it is their lack of tactics or perhaps it is bad luck, but they have left behind a string of wrecked city blocks in their wake.  At this point no city wants 4th Power operating in their limits, at least no city with a mayor with brains.

Then in an unexpected turn of luck the team was approached by a man representing casino interests in Windsor.  They agreed to bankroll N.U.K.E. and his team, and suddenly the gang had a new lease on life in general.  With their new team mate Analog they have become 5th Power!

5th Power was disbanded due to the death of Morden during the EDI (see Morden for more details).

Extreme Soldier