The Albino Crime Sindicate was found by The Albino after she quit being a freelance assassin and developed a cadre of elite killers to do her bidding.  Over the years the membership has altered, but the key personnel consisted of Brain, Brawn, Tangler and Foray. Brain has died and Foray seems to have reformed, her wherabouts unknown.  In the absense of their leadership Paradigm took over.

The ACS works primarily in the fields of assassination, drug dealing and protection.  Their spheres of influence have ranged from most of Chicago to the French Riviera; wherever The Albino wants to set up an operation that is where her people move in and make room for her.

Currently the ACS are at loose ends.  With the capture and incarceration of their leader the members are currently in hiding, waiting to determine their next move.

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Paradigm: A result of the Paragon project, Paradigm proved to be Albino's one true success.  The rest proved to lack enough independent thought to be truly useful elite soldiers nor did they possess enough free will to take full advantage of their force field suits.  Paradigm is a physically perfect specemin and is experienced in numerous forms of martial arts.  His force field affords him a great deal of protection from physical and energy attacks.
Tangler: Brant Spina, the original, Tangler had no powers, but he was a brilliant chemist.  He was slain by Flying Fortress II during the EDI.  No one knows who the current Tangler is at this time.  His tangler gear consists of an armored costume, a helmet with an effective sensor suite, and a backpack and gun that fires a special adhesive.  Smaller tanks are filled with special compounds which allow him to alter the effect of his entangle.  A coating of special solvent coats his own costume, so attempts at entangling him with his own weapon are useless.
Gauntlet: Heinrich Schuder's powers manifested on his fifteenth birthday, when in a rage he leveled their home and killed his parents.  He was hospitalized with burns all over his body, but to everyone’s surprise he healed from them.  He was given life imprisonment in special facility to prevent his powers from harming anyone else. 
    His stay in prison only enforced his self -loathing; he loved his parents and their deaths tore at his conscience, made him almost mad with hatred for himself, the world, everything.  Then one day there was an informant under police protection and being hidden in Heinrich’ cell block under another identity had been found by the people he had ratted on, and soon death arrived for him in the form of Flying Fortress I.  The informant and several guards died in a missile salvo, and soon FF was flying away.  Heinrich screamed for him to stop, and for some strange reason the man did.  FF turned, eyed Heinrich, and uploaded his file from his temporary database (his mission profile had files on all criminals in that cell block-there was no telling what surprises could have been waiting for him).  FF read the file, made a snap decision, and flew off with Heinrich. 
    Fortress was able to build a harness that would allow Heinrich to use his powers without blowing himself up.  In return Heinrich would become one of The Albino’s enforcers, a job to which he was quite well suited. 

Gauntlet is able to release his stores of energy into powerful point-blank blasts.  He can vary the energy for a variety of effects.  The suit he wears also affords him a great deal of protection and a jet pack allows him to fly. 

Heinrich is an emotional cesspool who lives only to destroy.  Many have mistaken him for a racist.  This is not true; he hates everyone equally.  He works for Albino because she offers him the most opportunity to vent his self-hatred on the world.

Krush: Formerly known as Brawn, Michele Piluras grewing up in the slums of Paris with his brother Samuelle. He followed his brother's lead and the two soon began working for The Albino as field tactician and muscle.

Michele is tremendously strong and resiliant to damage. He heals quickly and is able to withstand a variety of hostile environments.    He is a good hand-to-hand combatant.  Recent mutations brought about by The Albino's experimentation have turned his fingernails into sharp claws that can cut through anything short of tool steel.

There isn’t much there behind that brooding façade; Michele likes to cause damage and hurt people, that’s about it.

Superfortress: The latest and greatest in the Fortress line, Superfortress is a suit of powered armor that affords the wearer/pilot great strength and protection.  It's sensor suite contains radar as well as a wide range of visual and auditory enhancement features.  The arsenal consists of armor piercing, high explosive and incidiary missiles.  The jet pack can fly the armor at high altitudes and sub sonic speeds, and it is designed to seal completely and allow the pilot protection of hazardous atmospheres/environments.

It is not known at this time who Superfortress is.

Power Princess: Little is known of Power Princess.  She has been seen as being able to either fly or leap great distances and is strong and durable.  She also seems to be a sado-maschochist and loves to fight and hurt people.  She also speaks with a French accent, which can possibly make her a native of France or even Quebec.
Firestrike: Carmen Velasquez grew up in the slums of Mexico City.  Her mother was abandoned by her father and the poor woman did her best to raise her child, but Carmen fell in with a bad crowd at an early age and was lost.  She was in and out of juvenile homes since the age of twelve, and by the time she turned eighteen she had become a hardened criminal.  She had been busted on drug charges and taken into custody.  A Mexican drug cartel "recruited" Carmen and used her and fifty other inmates as guinea pigs to try and develop a new synthetic drug that could among other things slip by drug-sniffing dogs. Carmen and two other women were the only survivors, and in Carmen's case it stimulated her mutant gene, and with her new power she engaged in a little payback.  When she was done there was one less Mexican drug lord.  Drunk on power, Carmen went on a crime spree that almost landed back in prison. That was when The Albino spotted her as a potential soldier in her army.  Carmen sensed that saying no to this woman would be a baaaaaad thing, so she agreed and joined the Sindicate.

Later, Firestrike was exposed to dark mystic forces and her powers were increased considerably.

POWERS: Firestrike is able to unleash bolts of heat powerful enough to easily melt steel.  She can create thermal updrafts that allow her to fly, and she can create a force field to protect herself.