Found by Brian Griffith, Storm Guard is Great Britain and Western Europe's premier super team. The current line up consists of The Duelist, Midnight, The Obsidian Girl, Fixit and PERCI, The Morrigan (the second one), and team leader Evolver.

Once the lair of Professor Proteus, an old foe of The Cavalier's, Sharpe Island is a small land mass near the mouth of the Thames.  Here an impressive castle/estate was built during the late nineteenth century near the ruins of a small keep.  This estate changed hands over the years until Prof. Proteus inherited it, then turned into a laboratory/base of operations.  The Cavalier fought and defeated Prof. Proteus' minions over the years until there was a final showdown at this island.  Proteus was defeated and sent to prison where he died.

The Island changed hands once again, until finally The Cavalier-now only Brian Griffith-purchased it from the hotel company that attempted to turn it into a small resort.  After a little modification it is now an ideal base for Stormguard.

1. The Mansion
2. Chapel Ruins
3. The Keep Ruins
4. Submersible Dock
5. Servants Quarters
6. Power House
7. Emergency Underground Exit
8. Boat House
9. Lagoon
10. Guard Quarters
11. Dock, Awning
12. Air Strip/Underground Hangar
G. The Gazebo

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