Marion Bradley: Originally just The Vindicators' fiancial advisor, Marion Bradley has become much, much more.  However, he still at heart feels The Vindicators' well being is among his most important responsibilities.

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MELODY VINGE:  Ms. Vinge is The Vindicators' base's matron and is in charge of it's day-to-day operation.  Dour, humorless and utterly unflappable, the octogenerian is both reliable and utterly trustworthy to keep the team's secrets.

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Selena Gordon: The Vindicator's on-call pilot, Gordon was trained by the United States Air Force and trained to pilot helicopters, large fixed winged and VTOL aircraft.  It was the last that gave her the job with The Vindicators as their first aircraft were relatively short ranged VTOL jet aircraft.

Super hero vehicles are often targeted by villain groups and Gordon has survived several crashes as a result.  Despite the numerous scrapes with death she has remained relatively upbeat about the near-death experiences.

After the loss of the Starscraper and it's teleportation facilities, Marion Bradley has successfully convinced Selena to return to work as The Vindicators' pilot.

Travis Gatsby: Born and raised in London UK, Travis joined the British SAS and specialized as a medic.  He served with distinction and after serving his term attended medical school.  He formed an interest in paranormal science and was able to serve out his internship at Gateway Memorial in Motor City, widely considered the world's most comprehensive paranormal care facility.  He later married and had two children, then he became engaged in a rather messy divorce that caused him to gain custody of them both.  Travis realized he needed a steady job with easy hours that would allow him time to be a full time father.  When Marion Bradley put feelers out for a doctor with paranormal experience he jumped at the chance.  His military background and ability to keep calm under high stress conditions made him ideal for the job as The Vindicators' resident medical expert.

Ragnar Vestergaard: Ragnar's parents immigrated to the United States after the Styf had leveled Detroit.  His father had been one of those thousands of men who had helped to rebuild that proud city.  Ragnar attended college and majored in criminology and after graduation he joined the Motor City Police Department.  He developed a reputation as an intelligent, honest and relentless officer and soon  he made detective.  His career began to take a downturn when he was involved in four seperate shootings in a brief period of time and he developed a reputation as a trigger happy cop.  He was sued by his last shooting victim and despite the case being dismissed his reputation had taken a severe beating.  He took an early retirement and entered the private sector as a security specialist.  Hip Fernandez recommend him as a replacement.