MelodyNAME: Melody Vinge
BACKGROUND: Melody Vinge: At least Eighty years old, Melody Vinge is one of the few people to have known Margaret Ashe personally*.  Sour, dour, yet very efficient, she has maintained the mansion and handled all the details pertaining to the servants and upkeep of her former mistress' home and grounds.  Her feelings on having the home turned into a "super hero" base are not truly known but she has handled the change with remarkable ease.

After the base was destroyed, Ms. Vinge went into retirement.  When it was learned that the home was being reconstructed she was called in as a special consultant and was instrumental in getting the tiniest details right.  She was offered the job of mainting the mansion, and finding retirement crushingly dull, agreed.

DESCRIPTION: Mrs. Vinge is a spry octigenerian.  She has blue eyes and needs to wear glasses, and her gray-to-white-hair is almost always worn in a bun.  She favors wearing conservative black suits, her only acknowledgement to modern fashion.

PERSONALITY: There is little known of Ms. Vinge's likes, dislikes, or interests, although it was recently discovered she hosts a Youtube channel devoted to needlework and knitting.  She is remarkably popular.  She is old fashioned and sniffs at modern fashions and practices, but usually keeps her opinions to herself.

SKILLS: Mrs. Vinge's organizational skills are phenominal; she is able to multi-task and adapt with uncanny ease and efficiency.  She also has the ability to secure the loyalty and trust of her people with little time or effort due to her hard but very fair policies.

Melody seems to be wholly unflappable and incapable of growing alarmed or excited by any crisis that comes her way.

*Few know that Margaret Ashe was in fact Annette, leader of the Sargasso clan. 

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