BACKGROUND: A graduate from U of M in Law and Finance, Marion Bradley had been prepared to join the IRS before he was snatched up by Maragette Ashe.  Ms. Ashe needed a financial advisor to deal with her vast resources and Marion had been one of the names suggested to her by her retiring advisor.  Marion recognized the opportunities and gladly took the job.

Over time his job became much more as he developed a respect and fondness for his aging employer, until finally he woke up one morning to realize he was actually loyal to something outside of his own selfish political aims.  He continued to serve Ms. Ashe for some years until her death when he was made the executor of her will.  He had spent many years as her confidant and knew her wishes and decided to do his best to see they were carried out.  To this end he was able to use his political contacts in Motor City’s city council to have a new super hero team formed.  Soon he had the infrastructure in place and soon Maximum Justice was born.

Marion was instrumental in the formation of The Vindicators, and later on stayed as part of the Valkyries' staff.

DESCRIPTION:  Marion is a handsome man in his early fifties, with graying blonde hair and green eyes.  His build has begun to fill out in recent years despite his attempts at exercise.  He has an easy smile and charming manner that comes across as being very sincere.  He is almost always seen wearing fine suits that are of an expensive cut, but not too outrageously expensive.  He comes across as being classy, but loy-key.

PERSONALITY: Marion is polite, charming, and utterly unshakeable when it comes to things he believes in.  Many politicians in Motor City know him and respect him for the work he has done on Ms. Ashe’s behalf and know him to be a man of integrity.  Once someone has earned his loyalty Bradley is an unswerving ally.  Once someone has earned his enmity Bradley is a tenacious enemy.

SKILLS: Bradley has a degree in Corporate law and is very knowledgeable about taxes and finance.  His years of work as Ms. Ashe’s financial advisor has exposed him to many politicians, their public skills have rubbed off on him and he has become an accomplished actor.  Bradley is a skilled administrator and knows when he is out of his depth and needs help.  This talent has allowed him to recruit experts around him in many fields.

NOTE: All of the above information is what is known officially.