Line Up: Junal Pathkiller, Karma Doyle, Beholder, Bright Tempest, Cuchulainn, Fixit, Maid of Awesome, Redcap, Transporter, Yvette Horizon, Zero

A diverse group of teenagers discovered a hidden facility, and within were exposed to a variety of devices, artifacts and the like that gave them super powers of one sort or another.  They discovered afterwards the place was an old facility belonging to the Science Squad, a team of adventurers that had disappeared in 1986.  The young men and women decided to form a super hero team and protect their home city of Vancouver.

After numerous adventures the team eventually disbanded.  Founding member Qi-Lin became a Vindicator while Fixit moved to Great Britain to work with Storm Guard.  Later, when half the Vindicators went into space on a long term adventure and the other half moved to Motor City, Junal Pathkiller (Wolf's grandfather) and Karma Doyle reformed the Neo Phyters at the request of the British Colombia's government.  Qi-Lin rejoined the team then later went on semi-active status so she could focus more on college, while Fixit returned to Vancouver to re-join his original group.

The Neo Phyter's line up is large, but because they are all still young and super heroing is a part time gig for them all.  Consequently the team roster can fluctuate depending on whom is available.

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