The Elementals are a group of beings with control over one of the six mythical elements: earth, fire, air, water, wood and metal.  They are either humans who are reincarnated beings or beings inhabiting inanimate objects such as rings who possess those who wear them.  Many of these beings have posed as gods in the past; the former Dragon Slayer and Vindicator known as Loki was one, for example.

The Elementals live in an extensive compound in Arizona East of Pearce Ferry.  Here those who have been reincarnated strive to unlock the secrets of their past lives while others come to terms with their hosts.  The Elementals have become the de facto super heroes of Arizona, working closely with state police and the FPBI.  However, there were a series of nasty incidents that occurred called the "Mesa Massacres".  They involved a half dozen renegade elementals.  After a very bloody confrontation that resulted in the injuries and deaths of dozens of normal humans the Federal government has begun to re-assess their relationship with the elementals.  Relations have cooled between the two sides and subtle pressures from state and federal governments have been applied.

Havok, a founding Vindicator, was the Elemental's leader and financial backer.  Holding a PhD in biochemistry and physics, he had come to terms with the mystical origins of his powers and has gone to great lengths in not only making the compound a refuge for those of his kind, but making certain elementals do not pose a threat to Mankind as a whole.  With his death a coalition has risen to take his place as leader, among them Havok's lover, the mysterious Sirocco.