What do retired super heroes do?  They open schools for super heroes, of course!  At least that is what Pure Power did.  A popular and successful super hero during the sixties, Pure Power made a name for himself by refusing to take part in dispersing the Berkley riots and even saving students from the tear gas by blowing it away with his super breath.  He constantly butted heads with "The Establishment" and even did time in The Hole!  But eventually he knew that sooner or later he would have to grow up and do something to earn a living in his twilight years.  He really didn't have much in the way of appreciable skills, but he did know how to communicate with people, and he was good at what he did.  That was when he came up with the idea of a school for paranormals.  Essentially he would teach them how to use their powers and try to give their lives direction.  He would try to spot potential super villains and steer them away from that life.
A combat simulation robot, known as a falsie
The Federal government was leery of the idea, they saw it as a worst-case scenario and he would be running a school for super villains.  So PP compromised with The Man and agreed that anyone who joined his school would have to register their fingerprints, retinal image and DNA with the Federal government as well as a detailed description of their powers.  It was not a perfect solution, but during his time in The Hole PP saw some really, really bad dudes and he understood the Feds' fears (imagine Jerry Garcia serving time and having a cell next to Charles Manson; it sort've broadens one's view of the world).

Located in the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia, Pure Power's Plant covers over two thousand acres of valley and hill country.  Here it is safe for a paranormal to let loose with their powers without harming innocents or property.  The school is a compound consisting of the latest in high tech medical and diagnostic equipment, as well as satellite uplinks and resort level accomodations.  Classes run anywhere from six weeks to six months depending on the complexity of the powers and the skill of the student.  Also during this time PP runs career counseling classes, holds open houses with corporations looking for heroes to sponsor, and classes in ethics.  Friday night is party night, and it can get pretty wild.

Pure Power's Plant was assaulted by The Hustlers and many students were killed or injured.  Pure Power himself was critically wounded and remains in a coma.  Ultima, Toni Childes, has stepped up to take his place as the school's headmistress.

Some of the principle staff members include:

Sonik: Former Soviet Spetnatz agent, Sonik is a middle aged speedster who primarily trains speedster students, as well as helping with basic hand to hand combat.  He is also head of security.

Rain: Primary combat instructor.

Ultima: As well as dealing with running the school, Toni still gives courses on dealing with corporations and contract management.

Precious Metals: Various members of Precious Metals have volunteered their free time to act as super strength instructors.

Rowan: Law enforcement specialist.

Robert Field: Weapons specialization instructor.

Set: Psionic disciplines.

The Radical Cure: Medical Staff

Additional Instructors include: Overdrive, Firehouse, Magtite, Wisp, Razer

A sample course listing is:

Four Week Curriculum Breakdown 2/3/02-2/28/02

February 3
9:00am: Assembly; All students for regular and
specialized classes are to meet in the Super Squadron Hall to receive
individual class assignments and meet with Pure Power for general

11:30am: Lunch on the lawn. Inclamate weather will
be neutralized.
1:00pm Report to assigned dorm.
3:00pm-6:00pm Seminar,"The Ethics of Olympus"
presented by Pure Power
6:30pm-8:00pm Dinner
8:20-10:00 Seminar continued.

Week one will consist of an expediated version of
the regular four week individual course. It would be impossible for our
staff to fully evaluate any group dynmaics without first assessing the
strengths and weaknesses of the members of the group. This will be a fast
moving four days, intensive PPPT (Pure Power Plant Testing) and skill
assesment. Students are asked to bring any and all of their personal field

Week two will center on learning one another.
Through group sessions, creative excercises, and nueral synchronis
assimilation all members of the team will learn the extent of their
partners' abilities, physical and emotional.

Weeks three and four will challenge our students the
most. Working hand in hand with some of the most experienced combat and
emergency services parahuman professionals the team will focus on using
their gifts to the highest caliber.

Note: As weekend studies are expected of the acellerated students, it is
accepted that students without hypermetabolic metabolisms will refrain from
overindulgence on Friday evenings.