ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Gray Seal, Seahawk, Corona, Alva, M.A.C.O., Starlet

FORMER MEMBERS: Analog, Deluge, Sea Wolf.

BACKGROUND: The Pacific Guard were formed by joint San Francisco/California state task force that looked into the issue of paranormal crime along the West Coast and how best to deal with it.  While heroes like Sea Hawk worked hard on their own and had good relations with city, state and federal law enforcement agencies some opponents were simply too big for her to handle on her own.

The task force attempted to choose a group with a wide variety of skills and powers as well as races and a more or less equal number of both sexes.  Usually such an attempt would have been a proverbial recipe for disaster, but wonder of wonders, in this case it worked!

The team has had an eventful year; Seahawk developed a relationship with the supposedly reformed criminal Seawolf, but it had been a blind on his part in order to get ahold of her account passwords from top secret Federal databases as part of a plan to free his brothers.  She lost all priviledges and Gray Seal took over the role as team leader.  Corona's father moved to California so she left The Vindicators to join Pacific Guard, which gave them quite a boost in the firepower department (and it gave Analog someone else to mimic!).

Most recently the team is now the focus of the American Hero television series, where they wear head cameras and are followed by media teams to catch their every move.  The situation grates on a couple team members but the show is an undeniable success.

Among the members are:

GRAY SEAL: A former Navy S.E.A.L., and FPBI Special Unit agent, Joeseph Charles is the oldest member of the team.  While he is in his early forties the man has kept himself in excellent fighting shape and is lethal in close quarters combat as well as the use of numerous conventional weapons.  He is always armed with the latest in lethal and non-lethal weaponry and wears body armor.

Joeseph is a highly capable small unit tactician and gets the most from his team with a minimum of risk.

Gray Seal is the current team leader after Sea Hawk's unfortunate incident regarding Sea Wolf.

Gray Seal is an African American, he stands six foot six and while he is a bit leaner now than he was in his S.E.A.L. days he still packs quite a bit of muscle on his frame.  His close-cropped hair has gone prematurely gray so he shaves his head, although he still wears a gray beard to cover a series of nasty scars on his chin.

ALVA: Doria Nolan was one of the world's foremost women's surfing champions and had boldly taken on waves from Australia to Hawaii to the California coast.  She seemed utterly fearless as if nothing bad would happen to her.

As a matter of fact, nothing bad had ever happened to her.  It was as if she led a charmed life.  In reality it turned out that Doria was a mutant with the unconscious ability to affect probabilties around her.  Guns aimed at her misfire, a brick taking a swing at her head would trip, that shark that was trying to take a bite out of her surf board would miscalculate and leap out of the ocean mere inches away from her.

When Alva finally began to realize she was different she felt guilty.  What if all her championships were the result of her powers?  So she publicly renounced each and every one of her awards and promised to pay back the prize money.  Her sponsors threatened to sue, but when they discovered she was going to become a bona-fied super hero they doubled her endorsement money and paid off her debts!  Once again Alva's good luck held out.

While Alva's power is not overtly offensive in nature when it comes to saving innocents she cannot be beat.

Doria is tall, standing five foot ten, and has an athletic build from years of surfing, volleyball and swimming.  She is pretty, with short blonde hair and tan skin with gray eyes.  She often wears a wet suit, and when on dry land rubber slippers.

M.A.C.O.: Peter Valley, is an ex-Navy diver who possesses numerous engineering degrees.  He and a small team created a prototype armored suit for the military, and when he learned of the new team being formed he felt it was a perfect place to field test the M.A.C.O. suit (Marine Assault Cybernetic Operations).

The M.A.C.O. suit is ideally suited for underwater combat; it is durable, can propel the wear up to thirty knots and allows the wearer to dive deep and rise fast without risk of the bends, and possesses a wide passive and active sensor suit.  It is equipped with a variety of water and airborne missiles and it amplifies the strength of it's wearer.  While it is not as effective on land Peter can hold his own

DELUGE: Tuan Thuc Diem's parents were refugees, Vietnamese boat people who braved crossing the Pacific so their son could have a better life.  Tuan was born on American soil so he was awarded citizenship, and a hard working immigration lawyer was able to insure his parents were able to stay in the states after his birth.

Tuan had it a little rough growing up, with his parents being poor immigrants.  But he was tough and hard working and showed an aptitude for art and sports, most notably swimming.  Before a swim meet some chlorine tainted with some strange, unidentafiable additive was dumped into the pool.  Everyone who swam in the pool that day grew violently ill and some even died, but Tuan developed the ability to transform his body into "living water" and to be able to control thousands of gallons of both fresh and sea water.  Tuan is vulnerable to heat and cold attacks as well as electrical, but he is extremely agile and hard to hit.

Tuan stands five foot five and has a wirey build.  He keeps his black hair cut short and he is often seen with an easy smile; he is a super hero and celebrity, after all, and due to his job and endorsements his parents are no longer poor, so he  has a lot to smile about.

Tuan's parents recently died in the vampiric attack on the Pacific Guard headquarters and has quit the team.

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