Gathered from across the globe, even other worlds, Zodiac was a group dedicated towards financial gain as well as the pursuit of the various team members' personal agendas.  The team spent years flaunting the law, until an event happened that left half the team dead, others incarcerated and the remaining ones missing.  To this day no one but the survivors know what, exactly, happened.
Aquarius: Chanel Lavoie was born with the ability to manipulate water.  At first she employed her abilities as a heroine, until one day her lover was murdered by terrorists.  The law let her down and the terrorists went free, and Chanel went from being the heroine Cascade to the villainess Aquarius.  If vengeance could not be achieved via legal means, she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted.

Aquarius's body washed up on the shores of Norway in 1978, her body torn apart seemingly from a large fish.

Aries: Daniel Skelton is a mutant who was tormented in school for his animal-like appearance.  He ran away from home after having enough and assaulting a fellow junior high student.  He lived for years on the run, surviving by committing petty thefts until his particular talents Cancer.

Aries was one of the two members of Zodiac that acted as muscle for the team.  He posessed super human strength and could deliver a devastating blow with a charge and head butt.

Skelton has not been seen in decades, his fate is unknown.

Cancer: Anthony Tuccino was one of New York's most powerful crime bosses, a man who was both intelligent and ruthless.  He was Zodiac's link to the underworld as well as the source of their bankroll.  Tuccino had no powers, although State and Federal prosecutors were never able to convict him for any crime. 

Ironically enough, Tuccino died of prostate cancer.

Capricorn: Now a member of The Wild Kingdom, Capricorn (now known as Satyr) is a mystical being whose powers seem to be in part to manipulate the emotions of others with his magical pipes.  He is also a wielder of a powerful bow and is a lethal shot.
Gemini: Piotr and Gregor Gerasimov were twin brothers who were also mutants with the ability to control space and time.  They were experirenced teleporters and seers, able to see glimpses of the future.  The Soviet apparatus used their powers for their own aims, using their parents as leverage.  One day their parents died and the brothers took their revenge upon their handlers, leaving behind bits and pieces of bodies strewn across Red Square.  Later they found the other members of Zodiac and offered their services.  Especially if it meant hurting the Soviet Union's masters.

Piotr was killed by Soviet police and his brother Gregor lost his powers with the death of his brother.  Gregor is currently surving a life term in a Russian prison.

Leo: Originally known as the super villain Geomancer, Leo is a master of earth and rock and can move hundreds of tons.  It is believed he is one of the "Big Four" of Zodiac, the one of the brains behind the current inception of this team and is the only member who had been part of the earlier team.  

Hailing from Germany, Leo is a mutant whose other powers are an increased physical durability as well as retarded aging.  He also wears a suit of magical golden-hued armor that affords him considerable protection.

Libra: "Mad scientist" Ernest Corville was a revolutionary geneticist whose unethical experimentation on animals and human beings-both wittingly and unwittingly-made him a wanted man in numerous countries.  He was infamous for his legion of genetic freaks.  He chose the sign of Libra both due to his birth date and the twin DNA helix, which he constantly tweaked.

Corville's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Pisces: Former Navy SEAL Todd Groenig volunteered for one of the numerous super soldier projects initiated by the United States military industrial complex.  The plan was to create the ultimate amphibious soldier, a man able to spend days under water, who could swim as fast as a shark, with senses as acute as a submarine.

What they got was a monster.

Todd's instincts were those of a soulless marine predator, a shark that walked like a man.  He was out of control and scheduled to suffer an "accident" when he was rescued by the rest of Zodiac.  A predator among predators, Todd found his destiny.

Todd has not been seen since 1978.

Sagitarius: Elven Archer Fisnasol was an exile in this world, the details for his expulsion from his community was never fully explained.  He was able to magically imbue his arrows with various mystic energies; explosions, flames, frigid cold, he was full of tricks. 

Fisnasol and Capricorn never got along; Capricorn would often goad the elf concerning his past.  One day, Fisnasol and Capricorn both disappeared after a brutal battle with High Justice, and no one knows what happened to the elf.  Or perhaps the satyr knows and is not telling...

Scorpio: Prince Nuru was cast through time by a rival and found himself in the late 20th century.  He allied himself with the rest of Zodiac after committing numerous crimes in an attempt to gather the components to return home.  A powerful sorcerer, Nuru was a master of numerous disciplines, but .  His greatest weakness was his ignorance of modern times.

It is believed that Nuru somehow returned back to his time.

Taurus: Jan Bauer was a loyal German soldier who served in the German army during the early days of WW II.  He wa the only one of a thousand men who survived an experimental super soldier project and it damaged his mind.  As Sturmhammer he worked with other super powered paranormals and tangled with the likes of Sergeant Savage and the first Lionheart, until during a battle in the Arctic he fell into the frigid oceans, presumably dead.  Decades later his body was found in a block of ice and he was unfrozen by Libra.  Grateful to the criminal, he swore allegiance to him.  Years later Taurus fell into the ocean once again, once more presumably dead.
Virgo: Princess Vanera of the Shifting Lands arrived on this plane in search of mysterious artifacts that caused madness in the uninitiated who handled them.  Ultimately her search caused her to run afowl of hero and villain alike and soon she had amassed numerous enemies.  She joined Zodiac when she and Nuru found themselves on the same side during a battle, and through him she joined the group.

Vanera's wherabouts are unknown.  It is possible she returned to the Shifting Lands or she remained on this plane of existence.


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