One of the longest running groups of super villainy, Zodiac has been around almost as long as High Justice had been.  Originally the goals of Zodiac were of financial gain mostly through theft and ransom and the membership of the twelve leaders consisted mostly of highly intelligent criminals.  As time went on the membership changed and by the early seventies Zodiac was comprised entirely of super beings.

The team was last seen in the early eighties when they attempted their most ambitious heist ever, to steal Fort Knox.  The entirety of Fort Knox.  It was only due to the efforts of the Danger Men and High Justice working in concert-the former team using their hi-tech science to thwart the grav drivers, the latter team keeping Zodiac and their minions busy.  Many members of Zodiac were arrested while others escaped, never to be seen again.  Presumably they retired with their ill-gotten loot.

The first time a new Zodiac appeared was when they attempted to recruit Dr. Theresa Kinkaid, the clone, citing the fact that she and her "sister" were the embodiment of Gemini.  Kinkaid-the clone-refused the offer but was unable to do anything more than report the incident.

below are the members of Zodiac and what little is known about them:

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Aquarius: Also known as Doctor Tempest, Aquarius' abilities allow him to control storms.  Bolts of lightning, fog, gusts of wind, all are his to command.

Nothing is known about Doctor Tempest's past other than a run in he had with the Vindicators.

Aries: Todeskrieger is a German mercenary who often works with Hessian (see Saggitarius below).  His armor is German state of the art, providing him with extraordinary protection as well as an excellent sensor suite and an exo-skeleton that gives him tremendous strength.

Todeskrieger's true name is unknown.  His fingerprints and DNA are not on record anywhere.  His armor was originally designed for the German military but it is unknown how he came to be in possession of it.

Cancer: No one knows who-or what-exists inside the powerful exo-skeleton, but what is known is Cancer is an inhumanly astute intellect, a strategist who has no regard for mercy or humanity.  All that exists for him is Zodiac's goals, whatever they may be.  His known abilities are nigh-invulnerability, the ability to project incredibly powerful blasts of heat and force as well as great strength.

Cancer is one of the four leaders of Zodiac.  Some think he is the only leader of Zodiac...

Capricorn: A creature from another plane, Capricorn's mystic wings allow her to fly at high speed.  Her enhanced strength make her cloven kicks dangerous, and her flaming swords can melt through almost anything.

Capricorn was seriously wounded by Sand in NYC, her current status is unknown at this time.

Gemini: Nothing is known of the person behind the Cyberian robots except his motivation, which seems to be more about the thrill of matching wits with Law Enforcement and super heroes rather than monetary gain.  The person behind the Cyberian robots is highly intelligent and has great technical acumen in a variety of hard science disciplines.

The Cyberian robots are very strong, rivaling many paranormal "bricks" in raw power.  The robots are also able to run at speeds in excess of forty miles an hour and can leap hundreds of yards.  Their bodies are very durable and can handle a great deal of damage, and they posess an advanced sensor suite covering a wide visual and auditory spectrum as well as short range radar.

The Cyberian robots' drawbacks are their power supply.  At low levels (i.e. human range of strength/power) the power source can run for days.  But once it ramps up to full power the batteries will run down within less than an hour.

The Cyberian robots have been designed for short term use in mind, as a self destruct system is installed that melts just about all the internal components.  None of what is left after they self destruct has led to a suspect or arrest.  Also, it is not known precisely how the Cyberian "pilot" remote controls the robots.

Leo: Originally known as the super villain Geomancer, Leo is a master of earth and rock and can move hundreds of tons.  It is believed he is one of the "Big Four" of Zodiac, the one of the brains behind the current inception of this team and is the only member who had been part of the earlier team. 

Hailing from Germany, Leo is a mutant whose other powers are an increased physical durability as well as retarded aging.  He is in his seventies but does not look a day over forty.  He also wears a suit of magical golden-hued armor that affords him considerable protection.

Libra: Libra: A powerful sorceress, nothing is known of Libra's past.  She has exibited extensive teleportation powers as well as energy manipulation powers, and it is possible she has precognitiative powers as well. 

Libra is one of the four leaders of Zodiac.

Pisces: Princess Aurella of Atlantis (or so she says) is a potent watercrafter, a woman who is able to manipulate hundreds of tons of water like Deluge.  She is able to breathe water as easily as air, has an advanced sense of sight, sound and smell, can swim at least thirty knots per hour and is much stronger and more durable than a normal human (although not approaching "brick" levels).

Aurella has extensive knowledge in regards to ancient technologies and is one of the team's scientific experts.

It is suspected that Pisces is in reality Rusulka, also known as Sea Green.

Scorpio: An assassin working throughout Asia, Scorpio is a martial artist of prenatural speed and agility.  His long braided pony tail seems to move like a fifth limb and at it's end is a poison barb. 

Scorpio never speaks.  If this is due to natural reticence to speak or an inability to is unknown.  No one has ever seen his face.  At least, no one has and lived to tell of it...

Saggitarius: German mercenary Dietmar Glockner, also known as Hessian, is a mutant with a series of enhanced visual abilities as well as a prenaturally excellent shot.  His underworld connections always insure that he has access to the latest in pistol technology.  He also keeps in excellent physical shape and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

Hessian has had one run in with a former Vindicator, Fixit.

Taurus: Taurus: Jan Bauer was a loyal German soldier who served in the German army during the early days of WW II.  He wa the only one of a thousand men who survived an experimental super soldier project and it damaged his mind.  As Sturmhammer he worked with other super powered paranormals and tangled with the likes of Sergeant Savage and the first Lionheart, until during a battle in the Arctic he fell into the frigid oceans, presumably dead.  Decades later his body was found in a block of ice and he was unfrozen by Libra.  Grateful to the criminal, he swore allegiance to him.  Years later Taurus fell into the ocean once again, once more presumably dead.  Years later he was found by Virgo's people and once more promised his support.
Virgo: The illigitimate daughter of Anthony Tuccino, Angie Fumiko seems to have some undefined psychic abilities.  She is smart, charismatic, ruthless, and has a knack for making money both legitimately and illegitmately.  Her involvement with Zodiac now pretty much in the open, Virgo has disappeared from the public spotlight, her financial affairs handled by numerous proxies.

Virgo is one of the four leaders of Zodiac.

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