The Original Wild Kingdom was formed by The Druid in a bid to usurp the power of the South American Entity.  She failed and was imprisoned in the United States paranormal prison The Hole.  Later, she was attacked by a mysterious woman who apparently stole her power, reducing The Druid to a near-comatose state, powerless.

After a couple of aborted attempts to change the world, members of the Wild Kingdom was arrested by Canadian authorities and incarcerated.  A deal was reached with the Canadian government for the team to work off their numerous potential convictions as "time served", acting as heroes.  They were re-named Wildforce.

The Druid:Not much is known about the background of the new Druid.  Her first known appearance was when she attacked the original Druid in The Hole and seemed to steal her power, sending her into a near-catatonic state.  It is presumed she has all of The Druid's original powers:  controls of the weather (i.e. casting of gale force winds and lightning bolts, or creating fog to hide/facilitate escape).  She can also entangle her opponents in accelerated plant life.  Her powers are at their weakest when away from direct contact with the Earth; she would be troublesome in Times Square, but truly dangerous in the middle of Central Park.

The Druid is also armed with an ornate crossbow.

Fauna: Druid's sister, Fauna seems to have similar powers to her sister, although she seems to be limited to only being able to control animal life.
Magic Mouse: A mutant?  Cursed?  Alien life form?  The mouse's origins are unknown, although his magical abilities are not in doubt.  He first appeared in Japan and was befriended by Tengu.
Tengu: Hiro Takahashi is a mutant born with bird-like characteristics.  Hidden by his wealthy family, who were ashamed of him, he was recruited by The Druid to her group.  Tengu is a master martial artist, adept at a variety of Japanese melee weapons.
Chimera: A young mutant with the ability to alter his body, Chimera initially had difficulty controlling his shapes.  It was not until he met The Druid that he was able to learn how to master his various forms to useful and lethal effect.
Satyr: Claiming to be the actal satyr of myth, this charming rogue posesses various magical abilities that are strongest in natural settings.  Pipes that can seduce or panic, a mystic bow of lethal force, even out of his element he is a lethal foe.
Kukulcana: Claiming to be the daughter of the Mayan god Kukulcan, she is able to fly with translucent wings and strike with a mystic staff.  She seems to have a variety of healing powers as well. 

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