The Valkyries are an all-female super team operating in Motor City.  Originally they were associated with The Sisterhood when that team was Chicago's pre-eminent super team.  Later it was discovered The Sisterhood was in reality a villainous group that had suborned major political and law enforcement figures in Chicago and had begun to do the same to Motor City.  Every member of the Motor City team save for Ultima had been mind controlled until The Vindicators freed them.  The team consists of Impact, Devana, Pele, Powerspyk and Ultima.

The young heroine Diosa had also been a part of the team but she had sustained serious injuries during the second major Tandian incursion and has since retired..

The Valkyrie's original base (formerly the Vindicators old base) was also destroyed by the Tandians.  They had moved into the top five floors of the Optimum Building but since the death of OI's CEO Jeffrey Wolfe and evidence he was a tool of the Tandians they have since moved to Chicago.

The team's finances are provided by a combination of team endorsements and Brian Griffith, who has attempted to financially supplement any super hero teams and solo hero willing to be a part of his new network.

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