The UN SPF is a unit of paranormal beings recruited from numerous nations whose job it is to respond to "exotic" threats and crises world wide.  There are three teams of varying line ups, and all members are required to learn both English and French so they are able to communicate with one another.  Some of the members are:

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Cheetah: Is he a human who transforms into a were cheetah, or a cheetah that transforms hyper-evolves?  No one outside of the United Nation's highest echelons know and they are not talking.  Cheetah hails from Botswana and has extraordinary agility and is stronger than a normal human.  his claws are powerful and he is able to run at speeds in excess of seventy miles an hour, and he recovers very quickly from injury.  He has only an above average sense of smell but his hearing and vision are acute.
Guardsman: Canada's representative on the team is former Army officer Lance Tremblay, a man who had served with distinction until the Extra Dimensional Invasion.  His unit had been fighting off an incursion of what appeared to be magical Catholic priests and most had been wiped out, turned into pillars of salt.  Only instead of remaining immobile and dead, Lance seemingly through sheet willpower came to life and fought on.  He discovered he could adopt the properties of whatever solid matter he touched, and with it often incredible strength.  As a result he always carries upon his person small plates of steel, copper and lead, as well as a rubber band.
Ghost Bride: Soft spoken and polite almost to a fault, Japan's Ghost Bride's origins are unknown at this time.  She seems to have a host of supernatural powers that are related to the undead.  She can communicate with spirits, turn invisible, become intangible and chill the living with her "death touch".
Flitsen: Denmark's Flitsen is a master of electricity, able to launch powerful elecrical bolts as well as being able to launch himself through the air on powerful arcs (what he calls "riding the lightning").  His electrical abilities seem to also grant him enhanced reflexes and cognitive abilities as well.
Captain Venezuela: The sexy, saucy, flirtateous Captain V is one of the team's most powerful members, with strength that is said to rival Lionheart's herself.  She is able to fly at multi-mach speeds and is highly resistant to all forms of physical trauma.

A mutant, Captain V had largely ignored her powers in favor of an acting/modeling career, using her abilities for self promotion.  It was not until the EDI that she felt a tremor of nationalistic pride and decided to put aside her aspirations in favor of serving her country.  While she comes across sometimes as shallow, there beats in her breast the heart of a proud Venezuelan!

Petite Archer: Mongolia's representative may seem small at only five feet tall, but looks are certainly deceptive.  Petite Archer is a powerful bow wielder, able to fire arrows both mystic and conventional.  She is an accomplished outdoor survivalist and horsewoman as well and is lethal with her long knife.
Turtas Vabalas: The Golden Beetle is Lithuania's greatest....well, only super hero.  Good natured and of noble heart, he is able to shrink down to several inches in height and has displayed great strength and agility both in shrunken and full size.  He is highly agile and claims his "beetle sense" warns him of danger, allowing him to avoid lethal attacks.  He also claims he is able to communicate with bugs, but says "They have nothing very interesting to say."
Twin Shining Blades of Justice: Hailing from Taiwan, 'Blades is a supreme martial artist who wields a pair of blades made of some incredibly durable substance that can seem to cut through anything.  She can wield them with such speed she can deflect bullets and beams, quite often towards other targets.  She possesses prenatural acrobatic skill as well.
Badger Shaman hails from the farthernmost northen reaches of Canada.  A wise, mysterious man, he seems able to communicate with nature spirits wherever he goes and is able to call upon their aid to create powerful storms and earthquakes.  He is also able to communicate and control animals, or at least call upon their aid, and he is able to see through their eyes and employ their senses.

Badger Shaman has other abilities as well but he choses not to reveal them all.

Lance of Fire: Burma's hot headed hero is a skilled martial artist who has the ability to control fire.  Well, "control" is perhaps generous.  Generate and unleash fire, certainly, but beyond a scorched earth attack that is as much a danger to friend as well as foe, Lance relies more upon his almost prenatural skill with the staff, being a master of the Burmese art of Banshay as well as the unarmed art of Bando, and he has picked up numerous tricks and techniques from other disciplines. He is almost as dangerous in hand to hand combat without the staff as with it, and if disarmed likes to make his opponent think he is lost and afraid when deprived of his weapon.  Once fooled, Lance's opponent discovers just how lethal his punches, kicks and throws can be!
Templar: Adrian Dent is one of the UN team's most experienced heroes, having served in Storm Guard before joining the globe-spanning organization, and even participating in adventures in another dimension alongside Lionheart.  He is one of the team's leaders and is admired for his courage and skill.

For a more detailed bio go here.

Texas Wrangler: Chris Richter was a Houston Texans cheerleader before her mutant gene kicked in with a vengeance.  Her latent telekinesis allowed the Texan quarterback to make an impossible hail mary pass.  When Chris' powers were discovered no one believed she had done the deed unconsciously and was all but run out of town.  Chris attended Pure Power's Plant to perfect her powers and became the Texas Wrangler.  Later, she decided to travel abroad and became part of the Un team.

Chris's tk is far less powerful than Templar's, she uses it to more easily fire her .44 caliber pistol and to make her lasso do incredible things.  She is also able to leap great distances and she has a weak, "greasy" force field that makes it difficult to get ahold of her.  Chris is also a fantastic dancer.

El Lobo Noite: The Night Wolf is a fencer almost without equal, but what makes him truly dangerous is his ability to teleport.  His opponents never know from which direction he may be coming.  His power's origin is unknown to all but his superiors, so it is not known if he is a mutant, magician or employs some sort of technology.

Lobo is an experienced police officer and often heads investigations in the field.  He is a good shot with a pistol and is pretty dangerous in hand to hand combat even without a sword or knife.

Scheherazade: Iran has no official member serving on the United Nations team and it refuses to recognize the woman known as Scheherazade.  Nevertheless, UN officials and team mates alike trust her without reservation.  A devout Muslim, the young woman has been very outspoken concerning her country's fundamentalist government and refuses to keep quiet about her opinions, thus earning her a 

Scheherazade employs a flying carpet, as well as other magical devices, but also possess inherent mystical talents that could in time rival even that of the veteran sorcerer Grimoire.

Brass: Brash, bold, even a big arrogant, New Zealand's Brass is self made billionaire Ransom Richards, a man who made his first million at age sixteen.  In the past decade he has climbed the highest peaks and dove the deepest depths, been from pole to pole and has decided the only true challenge left open to him was super heroics.  So he spent millions on having a super suit constructed for him.

Ransom's armor provides him with excellent protection as well as flight ability.  HIs blasters are also pretty devastating and can generate bolts of electricity, force and heat on command.  The helmet also provides a full sensor suite.

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