NOTE: Yellow text designates events that originated exclusively in this game world.

1900 World Exhibition held in Paris. Kodak releases new camera with removable film that is sent to factory for processing.  German Physicist Max Planck introduces his Quantum theory.

1901 Death of Queen Victoria, President William McKinley assassinated. Birth of Australian Commonwealth.

1902 Gillette releases new kind of razor blade for shaving. Mount Pele on the island of Martinique erupts, killing 30,000. A trip to The Moon is released in theatres.Its special effects make the film extremely popular.

1903 Red Sox beat Pirates in first World Series. Wright Brothers initiate their first flight. Germany’s Bayer company first markets a new wonder drug called aspirin.

1904 Pavlov wins Nobel Prize. New York subway system opens. France and U.K. sign Entente Cordiale.

1905 Einstein publishes theory of relativity. Jules Verne dies.

1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Italy’s Mt. Vesuvius erupts. William Kellogg opens his cereal company in Battle Creek, MI.

1907 Boy Scouts Formed. Rudyard Kipling awarded Nobel Prize for Literature. Bakelite plastic invented.

1908 Ford’s Model T is mass produced and sold for the first time. Jack Johnson is the first black heavyweight in the world. “Little John” Bayer, the first recorded paranormal, is discovered. Pu Yi becomes emporer of China.

1909 Robert E. Peary reaches North Pole. Geronimo dies. Danish botanist Wilhelm Johannsen coins the term “gene” to describe unit of heredity that is responsible for a person’s inherited traits.

1910 Halley’s comet flies by Earth. NAACP is founded. Girl Guides founded. Mark Twain dies.

1911 Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reaches South Pole. Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre in Paris, it is never recovered. Hiram Bingham discovers the lost city of Machu Picchu. A “strange light” is reported over the dig and it disappears.

1912 Titanic is lost. A German passenger named Samantha Frohm (later called Samantha Frost) is able to use her paranormal abilities to create large sheets of ice. Passengers are able to survive on the ice long enough to be rescued. Still, half the passengers and crew die. Frohm is hailed a hero.

1913 Ford assembly line introduced, allowing a car to be produced in just 93 minutes. NYC’s Grand Central Station opens.

1914 Franz Ferdinand is shot in Sarajevo, sparking World War I. Panama Canal opens.

1915 Italy joins the side of France and U.K. Gallipoli fiasco kills thousands of Australian and New Zealander troops.

1916 Coca-Cola is sold for the first time in its distinctively shaped bottle. Russian mad monk Rasputin is assassinated. Jeannette Rankin becomes the first United States Congresswoman. Verdun.

1917 The United States enters World War I. “Little John” Bayer enlists and is slain during the fighting. Twin revolts in Russia ultimately pull Russia from the war and place Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolsheviks in charge. “Buffalo Bill” Cody dies.

1918 Russia’s Romanov family is assassinated. Red Baron dies. World War I ends.

1919 Treaty of Versailles is signed by representative of nations who fought in First World War. Germany is given harsh sanctions and many feel this could lead to another war in the future. New Zealand scientist Ernest Rutherford succeeds in splitting a nitrogen atom into oxygen and hydrogen by bombarding it with subatomic alpha particles. Lady Nancy Astor is the first woman to sit in the U.K.’s House of Commons.

1920 U.S. Constitution’s 18th Amendment outlaws alcohol. Chicago White Sox throw World Series. 19th Amendment grants women the vote. Agatha Christie begins writing novels. New York Stock broker Nigel Pears is revealed to be able to see into the future. His case is the first where a paranormal is prosecuted for using their powers for illegal gain.

1921 Treaty signed in London established Irish free state. North Ireland remains under the control of U.K. First physical evidence of vampirism found in Nome, Alaska as nest of vampires is found. Four vampires are captured alive and are kept in captivity for the next twenty years.

1922 Tutankhamen’s tomb is discovered. Nosferatu is released in theatres. Due to hype concerning the discovery of vampires the year before the film is a runaway hit. Danish scientist Niels Bohr is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics due to his work in understanding the atom.

1923 Hyperinflation hits Germany hard. Lenin suffers stroke. Interpol is founded. Chester Campbell publishes The Society of Seven, a supposedly fact-based account detailing the existence of seven secret organizations across the world that have practiced magic for centuries.The book does not sell well. Campbell dies mysteriously later that year.

1924 Lenin dies. Norwegian Jan Eyck is the first paranormal to compete in Olympics. His blinding speeds wins him five gold medals. Later his medals are taken away and are awarded to Paavo Nurmi.

1925 Scopes monkey trial. Hitler publishes Mein Kampf. Josephene Baker thrills audiences in Paris. Henri Spaak is born in Belgium.  He is the first recorded mutant. Called “The fish boy”, he has light blue skin and gills on the back of his neck and when he grows up can swim at over twenty knots.

1926 Harry Houdini dies. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is released in theatres. The Prohibitor is the first recorded masked vigilante. He declares war on Chicago bootleggers and mobsters. It is rumored that he has paranormal powers but these are never proven.

1927 Charles Lindbergh makes trans-Atlantic flight. Bones of “Peking Man”, homo sapeins’ ancestor, is discovered in China.The Jazz Singer, the first film made with sound, is released in theatres. Trotsky is expelled from Communist Party as Stalin solidifies his power in USSR.

1928 Penicillin is discovered. Schick produces the first electric razor. Steamboat Willie is shown for the first time. Women compete in athletics for first time in Olympics. The first “super villain” appears. Based in NYC, he is called The Black Hand, he is rumored to be able to kill people with his touch. He establishes a crime syndicate throughout the city. A masked hero named The Falcon appears to thwart his schemes.

1929 Black Tuesday. Wall Street sustains biggest loss in its history, heralding the beginning of the Great Depression. Wyatt Earp dies. St. Valentines Day Massacre. The Falcon is revealed to be police officer Joe Grayson, he is killed within twenty-four hours of the newspaper article that reveals his identity is published. The New York Times, which published the story, suffers serious backlash from officials and the public at large, and is sued by Grayson’s wife for a million dollars.

1930 Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto. Uruguay wins first World Cup, beating Argentina 4-2. A new vigilante called The Avenger makes his appearance in New York. In a letter sent to the Times he swears vengeance against those who killed The Falcon.Two other paranormals make their appearance in Los Angeles. Nightmare, a powerful paranormal criminal, starts a crime wave. An attractive woman calling herself Dreamer thwarts him. It is later discovered after Nightmare slays Dreamer that both are the same person, Mortimer Gant, who splits into both beings. Nightmare ultimately dies as a result, creating a twisted kind of suicide.

1931 Japanese occupy Manchuria. Thomas Alva Edison dies. At his trial Al Capone exhibits paranormal powers and goes on a rampage. The Prohibitor, killing him with four sticks of dynamite stops Capone. The Shadow is published for the first time.

1932 FDR is elected President of the USA. Lindbergh baby is kidnapped and later found dead. Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Several more vigilantes are spotted in Chicao, Los Angeles, and especially New York, as well as numerous criminals who don masks and call themselves names like The Blue Skull, The Reaper and the Crime King.

1933 Adolph Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. Germany later withdraws from the League of Nations. King Kong wows audiences at theatres. The 21st Amendment is approved, repealing Prohibition. The Prohobitioner writes an official letter of retirement and is never heard from again. His identity is open to speculation even to this day. Doc Savage and The Spider are published for the first time. More paranormals begin appearing world wide, exhibiting a wide range of powers.

1934 Italy beats Czechoslovakia in World cup, 2-1. Monopoly board game is invented and is an instant hit. Bonnie and Clyde are killed in police ambush. The Black Hand is slain by The Avenger in a bloody confrontation on the observation deck of the newly opened Empire State Building.

1935 Shirley Temple becomes the youngest Oscar winner in history. New Nazi laws remove Jewish rights in Germany. Germany begins conscription. Italy invades the African country of Abyssinia. Rumors of strange sightings of a winged serpent as well as other strange creatures in the Brazilian rain forest are noted.

1936 Spanish Civil war erupts. Nazi Germany backs Franco and his rebels while Communist Russia backs Spanish Republic. Jesse Owens humiliates Germans-most notably Hitler-at Olympics by winning 4 gold medals. Germany defies Treaty of Versailles and retakes Rhineland. German paranormal Blitzen is seen for the first time, he is dismissed as a propaganda stunt.

1937 Hindenburg is destroyed over Lakehurst, New Jersey. Japan invades China. Golden Gate bridge opens. Brooklyn Bruiser attempts reign of terror in the five boroughs. The vigilante known as The Score drowns BB in cement during a battle at a construction site. The Bruiser’s remains are taken to Washington DC for study at the Smithsonian.

1938 Persecution of Jews in Germany gets worse. Germany annexes Austria. Nestle’s Nescafe instant coffee is first produced. Ballpoint pen is invented. Snow White is released in theatres. Lionheart I makes his first appearance. Unlike paranormals who have appeared before he is quite open and vocal concerning his political views. He is anti-Nazi and seems to have Communist leanings, but refuses to support any political party. He speaks out against Hitler and urges his country to oppose him. Superman is published for the first time.

1939 Germany invades Poland. Sikorsky invents first practical helicopter. Gone With the Wind airs in theatres. DDT pesticide is released to the public. Nylon stockings are also mass marketed. “Styf comet” is spotted its unusual activity-namely it is apparently slowing down. In reality it is an alien spacecraft that has arrived in Earth’s Solar System.

1940 German Blitzkrieg begins; British are forced to flee European continent from Dunkirk. Germany seizes France, Belgium. Trotsky is assassinated. Churchill becomes Prime Minister. Battle of Britain. Lionheart I helps defend the U.K. but he is only one man and his contribution is minimal. US Army begins looking into recruiting paranormals; their first is a young teen named “Sergeant Savage”. His real name is kept secret.

1941 Germany invades USSR, take Greek Isles. Blitzen is spotted in both operations. Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Battleship Bismarck is sunk. Jews in Germany an in German held Eastern European countries are forced to wear a yellow Star of David.Citizen Kane is released in theatres. Mount Rushmore is unveiled.

1942 Germans begin extermination of Jews. Japanese are defeated by America near Midway island. German Afrika corps is driven back by allied forces led by General Montgomery. Blitzen and Sarge Savage meet for the first time; this is the first filmed battle between two paranormals. Savage is narrowly defeated but Blitzen is unable to finish him off. Lionheart I arrives in Africa and meets Sarge Savage.The two hatch idea for “Super Squad” of paranormal soldiers. Casablanca is shown in Theatres.

1943 Jewish uprising in Warsaw Ghetto. Battle of Stalingrad. Zoot suit riots happen in Los Angeles. Frank Sinatra begins solo career. Kidney dialysis machine invented. Super Squadron engages in first mission to kidnap German rocket scientists. The squad is able to overcome their respective egos and the mission is a stunning success. Later they prevent Blitzen from rescuing Mussolini. Later the Italian leader is rescued by German commando Skorzeny, a normal human.

1944 D-day landing in Normandy. Siege of Leningrad is lifted. Paris is liberated. London struck by V2 rockets. Assassination attempt on Hitler fails. Sarge Savage and Blitzen have rematch, this time Savage wins when he uses acid to destroy part of Blitzen’s “speed suit” and the German paranormal burns to death from friction. Lionheart I is recorded as saying “That wasn’t cricket”. Savage replies, “Maybe not, but the guy still bugged me.”  The pun goes unappreciated.

1945 Americans liberate Auschwitz concentration camp. Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Allies win Second World War. Super Squadron is officially disbanded, members part on good terms.

1946 Nazi Nurenbug trial begins. Juan Peron becomes President of Argentina. Churchill coins the term “iron curtain”. Vespa motor scooters Marketed. Bikinis are created. Sarge Savage reveals himself as Audie Murphy. He goes to West Point and graduates as a full lieutenant.

1947Chuck Yeager breaks sound barrier in X-1 jet. Bell produces first transistor. Thor Heyerdahl crosses the Pacific in Kon Tiki, a wooden raft, proving that it was possible South Americans settled islands in the Pacific. India wins independence from UK, is split into two countries (India and Pakistan). Dead Sea Scrolls discovered. House of Un-American activities begins interviewing Hollywood actors, writers and directors.Black list begins. Lt. Audie Murphy founds the US Army’s Paranormal Force, or the USAPF. It actively recruits paranormals for military training.

1948 Nation of Isreal founded. Ghandi assassinated. Aide in the form of airlifts is provided for people in West Berlin as Soviets cut off supplies. Eastern Europe taken over by Communists. Truman elected President. Lionheart I and the Soviet’s People’s Champion clash over Berlin. Years of sparring with Sarge Savage/Audie Murphy give Lionheart I an edge in terms of experience, and the Soviet Paranormal is defeated. Later that year the UN creates the charter to create High Justice, Lionheart I is asked to head it. Murphy declines the offer, feeling that while under UN  control High Justice will not be able to operate effectively. The lineup consists of Lionheart I, France’s Templar, Belgium’s Henry Spaak (also called Triton), Canada’s Victor, and Germany’s Stalker. All are men.

1949 Mao Tse Tung’s Communists take over China mainland. Germany is divided into East and West. Soviet Union tests A-Bomb. NATO is founded. George Orwell’s 1984 is published.

1950 Cold War begins between US and USSR. Korean conflict begins. General MacArthur refuses to allow High Justice anywhere near the fighting. Charles Schultz publishes Charlie Brown for the first time. The Chinese invade Tibet. Apartheid begins in South Africa. Joeseph McCarthy begins communist witch hunt in Washington. He arranges to have captain Murphy’s paranormal force taken away from him and made into an anti-communist strike force. Called the Watchdogs, they are used to track down and arrest suspected communists. Murphy resigns his commission in disgust.

1951 MacArthur is ordered home by Truman.US tests first H-bomb. Evita Peron dies. High Justice is almost killed in Korea when they are caught behind enemy lines. They cannot prove MacArthur set them up, but they strongly suspect it. Watchdogs begin witch hunt, they inadvertently uncover coven of actual witches. McCarthy uses this to expand his hunt and whip up paranoia.

1952 Murphy meets with Lionheart I. Both are disgusted with what is going on abroad. Murphy becomes Captain Savage while Lionheart and the rest of High Justice break away from UN control. McCarthy brands Murphy a communist and a traitor, while the UN brands High Justice
renegades and outlaws.

1953 Stalin dies. Queen Elizabeth II is crowned. American biologist James Watson and English biochemist Frances Crick work out the structure of DNA. After being hunted for months by numerous police forces around the world a final confrontation ensues between High Justice and The Watchdogs. Evidence points to the fact that McCarthy was under the control of a powerful Communist telepath named Tass who uses the Senator’s Red Scare to help hide true Communists by throwing him off their scent and who also conspired to try and kill High Justice in ’51 in Korea. McCarthy’s political career is ruined, and Murphy and High Justice are vindicated.

1954 The USN launches the Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine. France is defeated in Indo China. Bill Haley and the Comets record "Rock Around The Clock”. High Justice sets up their first base in London, with an alternate base in New York.

1955 Warsaw Pact is formed. James Dean dies. Disneyland opens in Anaheim, CA. Daedalus from Greece joins High Justice as a badly needed technical specialist.

1956 African Americans stage bus boycott in Alabama in protest. New Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev delivers scathing anti-Stalin speech, suggesting a thawing of tensions between East and West. Elvis Presley dominates the rock charts. High Justice battles mystic entity in South American jungle after Argentinian and Brazilian armies are lost. High Justice fights the entity to a draw. Recommendation is to leave it alone and to make regions of the jungle a preserve. Not wishing to escalate the matter where atomic weapons would be used, the UN agrees and persuades the countries affected to agree.

1957 Soviets launch Sputnik. President Eisenhower uses US Army troops to enforce de-segregation in Little Rock, Arkansas. IBM creates first high level computer language, Fortran. Astronomer Brandon Bartz suggests that the Styf comet is in fact an alien spacecraft slowing down on its approach to Earth. He is ignored. Gateway joins High Justice as the first female member. Her ability to transport the team to any spot on Earth is invaluable.

1958 De Gaulle becomes President of France. Stereo records are invented and made available on the market. Aliens launch asteroid at Earth to test its defenses. Lionheart I flies into space on a collision course and destroys the asteroid at the cost of his own life. The same time he dies Kate Bush is born, the future Lionheart II.

1959 Castro stages successful revolution and ousts Batista from Cuba. Alaska and Hawaii becomes the 49th and 50th states in the Union. Antarctica becomes a science preserve. Barbi doll hits the stores. Buddy Holly, Richie Valenz and “Big Bopper” Richardson all die in a plane crash. Dreamsinger joins High Justice. An Australian aborigine, he is the first non-white member.

1960 FDS approves birth control pill. Kennedy is elected President. Gary Powers/U2 incident causes embarrassment for United States. Ceylon’s Sirimavo Bandaranake is world’s first female Prime Minister. Psycho is in theatres.

1961 Berlin Wall goes up. Bay of Pigs fiasco. Yuri Gagarin is the first man in space. While in France ballet virtuoso Rudolph Nureyev defects from the Soviet Union. Portugual leader Antonio Salazar jails two students for seven years for toasting “freedom”. Gateway liberates both students. Working with British lawyer Peter Beneson she becomes the co-founder of Amnesty International. Numerous countries warn if she attempts the same trick again she will be shot and killed. Despite this Gateway makes over a hundred rescues over the next six years.

1962 John Glenn orbits Earth. Cuban Missile Crisis. Dr. No hits theatres and heralds the beginning of the most successful motion picture franchise ever. Marilyn Monroe is assassinated by overzealous Kennedy supporters, her death is made to look like a suicide.

1963 Martin Luther King speaks at civil rights march. Beatlemania begins. Kennedy narrowly avoids an assassination attempt in Dallas when two gunmen attempt to shoot him. Only his paranormal bodyguard Henry Carrithers and his force field save him. One of the gunmen, Oswald, is later killed by Jack Ruby. The entire incident becomes mired in confusion as potential witnesses turn up dead over the next few weeks as the investigation slows. During this time Kennedy is implicated in having several affairs, one of them with Marilyn Monroe. A new investigation reveals that she was indeed killed by Kennedy people. JFK is forced to resign under a cloud. Vice President LBJ is instated as President to finish his term.

1964 PLO is founded in Palestine. Khrushchev is deposed, Brezhnev takes his place. Tonkin Bay resolution is passed, effectively giving LBJ a blank check in regards to his ability to control the war in Viet Nam. Civil Rights bill is signed. Mary Quant makes mini-skirts. Nelson Mandela and eight other ANC members are imprisoned but are freed by Gateway within five minutes of his incarceration. She is shot and wounded but survives and manages to also rescue Mandela’s family. He lives in Canada in exile.

1965 Malcom X is gunned down. Winston Churchill dies. JFK dies of apparent heart attack. Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov makes first space walk.

1966 Swinging London is born. Walt Disney dies. Black Panthers is born. Star Trek airs on television. United States loses H-bomb after a US bomber collides with another plane off the coast of Spain. Pentagon claims that the bomb was recovered to quell fears. A new villain called Lord Dread is now a nuclear power, but holds onto the bomb for a “special occasion”.

1967 “Six Day” war in Middle East ends with Israel the winner. Dr. Barnard performs first heart transplant. The Styf approach Earth and begin offensive, dropping rocks on Detroit, Stalingrad, Newcastle, Johannesburg, Dresden, Kyoto, and Xuzhou.  For the first time the entire planet is faced with a common threat. An emergency meeting of the UN security council results in a desperate plan where High Justice will lead a joint American/Soviet/British assault team into the heart of the spacecraft, hoping that the aliens breath oxygen. Gateway manages to open a portal two transport the five hundred troops. The battle results in the destruction of the alien spacecraft, it crashes nearly intact off the coast of Baja. Gateway’s rescue of the surviving troops and High Justice results in her death. Another UN summit results in a special technological branch of the United Nations being formed to study to spacecraft and its technology.

1968 Tet Offensive. Martin Luther King is almost assassinated but Henry Carrithers once again saves the day. He is unable to prevent Bobby Kennedy from being slain, however. Third UN summit concerning the aliens results in Viet Nam cease fire, ultimately LBJ uses this as an excuse to back out of ‘nam. The result still makes him look weak so he decides not to run for President again.

1969 Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon. Charles Manson trial. British troops arrive in Northern Ireland to attempt to keep peace between Catholics and Protestants. Woodstock. Sesame Street appears on public television for the first time. Yassir Arafat becomes leader of the PLO. Gaddafi seizes power in Libya.

1970 IBM develops 8” floppy disk. Apollo 13 disaster narrowly averted. UN Technology council begins clearing new technologies. New regulations work as if UN holds patents on these technologies and US corporations have to pay split fees between UN and USA. United States corporations quickly take advantage.  Martin Luther King dies of pneumonia.

1971 Idi Amin takes power in Uganda. "Corsica is mine!” Master criminal Lord Dread invades Corsica with his army of mercenaries and paranormals, taking it in a matter of hours. By the time the UN assembles a response team with the help of High Justice Dread is firmly in place and has installed his American hydrogen bomb somewhere on the island. If he is not left alone he will destroy Corsica and kill all of its inhabitants. High Justice and the UN back down.  Thus begins Dread’s reign of terror.

1972 Black September strikes at Israel’s Olympic athletes. Israeli paranormals stage a vicious and unexpected attack on the terrorists, killing all of them. Five hostages are killed. Israeli athletes are then flown home. Nixon visits China. Bloody Sunday in Ireland as British troops break up a banned civil rights march. 13 are killed. Japan releases its first electric cars. While they are popular in Japan they sell poorly in the United States.

1973 Native Americans occupy Wounded Knee in protest. The protest ends peacefully. Skylab is launched. With new technology at its disposal the base is to remain a permanent fixture in outer space.

1974 Nixon resigns under Watergate scandal. Turkey invades Cyprus. To combat rising Paranormal crime the United States passes the Babcock Act, granting paranormals leniency concerning lawsuits and criminal prosecution if their actions are found to be necessary to prevent other paranormals or criminals from committing crime. The act is considered “ridiculous” by its detractors. First personal computers are sold to public.

1975 Soyuz and Apollo hook up in space. China’s “terracotta army” is revealed. New generation of computers is produced. Military and Government computers employ light pen as part of their operating system. Light pens are keyed to specific frequencies so only certain pens work on certain machines.

1976 Nadia Comaneci scores perfect 10 at Olympics. American Bicentennial. OPEC oil crisis causes Japanese electric cars to sell like crazy. General Motors scrambles to get its concept car into production to compete.

1977 Star Wars opens in theatres. Elvis Presley dies. Steven Biko dies in South Africa. Kate Bush begins musical career in UK with the release single Wuthering Heights.  The Electro-lite is released to the public late in the year and due to the new 55 mph speed limit they sell extremely well. Other auto manufacturers attempt to catch up.

1978 “Boat people” fleet Viet Nam. First test tube baby is born. Mass suicide in Guyana.

1979 Shah of Iran flees, Ayatollah Khomeini takes control, takes American hostages. Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Rap begins to air on radio. Space shuttle Enterprise, OV-101, launches successfully for the first time, heralding a new age of space exploration.

1980 John Lennon is killed by Mark Chapman. Iran and Iraq go to war. Mount St. Helen erupts. CDs are produced and sold for the first time. Japan is now the world’s biggest auto maker. Their electric compacts begin to sell like mad in oil starved UK and Western Europe. OPEC begins to lower oil prices to keep share of the “energy market”.

1981 Prince Charles weds Lady Diana Spencer. New President Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley II. He survives. China’s “gang of four” are tried, three are imprisoned while one is executed. Cats open in London.

1982 Falkland Island war, UK wins. Princess Grace of Monaco dies in car crash. Iran releases hostages after 444 days. Pope survives assassination attempt. Kate Bush’s powers manifest. Days later she makes her first public appearance, thwarting an attempt on the lives of several Royals. She is dubbed Lionheart by the press and it sticks. Grimoire and Felisomballa make appearances for the first time. Felisomballa’s resemblance to cast of Cats makes the show even more wildly popular in Broadway and London.

1983 One word; Swatch! Grenada seized by US forces. Madonna begins takeover of pop charts. President Reagan proposes a space-based laser weapons system to prevent alien invasion. After debate in the UN it is decided each platform will be manned by two armsmen not unlike missile silos. The second armsman will be a non-American to prevent this system from being turned on Earth.

1984 AIDS virus is discovered. Indira Ghandi is assassinated. Carl Lewis wins four gold medals at Olympics. Singer Marvin Gaye is shot dead by his father. Chernennko becomes Soviet leader. First “Star Wars” platform comes online, a month later Dr. Dread takes it over and attempts to ransom the world. High Justice is able to thwart him. Star Wars program is scrapped. Lionheart Inc. is opened to protect marketing. Profits are donated to defray cost of destruction often caused by Lionheart battles. Lionheart is still called a “sellout” by detractors.

1985 Gorbachev becomes new Soviet leader. Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz erupts. High Justice and a half dozen solo heroes work days on relief.Despite their best efforts 3,000 die. Ruth Lawrence, aged 13, finishes Oxford University degree. Live Aid, a benefit concert held in both in London and Philidelphia, raises $60 million for food relief.

1986 Chernobyl cold fusion plant comes online, heralding a new age of cheap, clean power for the USSR. Space shuttle Challenger suffers critical damage but new escape pod feature allows the crew to survive unscathed. In the UK it is The Year of The Unicorn. The Unicorn, a villain at  least as powerful as Lionheart, goes on a series of destructive rampages. It takes the combined efforts of Cavalier, Lionheart and the Morrigan to contain her every time. Eventually she is subjected to a “neural tranquilizer” that places her in a coma-like state.

1987 “Black Monday”. Lord Dread instigates world wide stock market crash. The Retaliator strikes back by employing Dr. Hades’ Earthquake Machine on the poor island of Corsica. The message is clear: “You can be touched.” Mikhail Gorbachev begins three year plan that will abolish the Communist party and instate open Socialist one.

1988 George Bush elected President. Bangladesh floods threaten millions. Iran/Iraq war ends. Shroud of Turin is declared a fake. Piper Alpha oil rig disaster, eight days earlier it passed a regulation safety check.

1989 Gorbochev disbands Soviet party, new Socialist government is instituted with him as first openly elected Prime Minister. Berlin wall is torn down. US troops topple Panama’s Noriega. Batman is the #1 movie at the box office due to the appeal of a non-super powered person being a hero. Exxon Valdez accident. Optimum Inc.’s new “oil eating” bacteria succeeds in devouring over 75% of the crude oil dumped into the oceans.

1990 Mandela returns to South Africa. Germany re-unifies. Iraq invades Kuwait to gain control of oil supply despite its dwindling global value. Mysterious crop circles spark alien hysteria.

1991 Gulf War ends. Despite Gorbachev’s best efforts USSR dissolves into independent states. Windows ’91 hits shelves, it is full of bugs but it is still a hot seller.

1992 War breaks out in Bosnia. War and famine in Somolia. Rodney King is assaulted by LA cops. Clinton becomes President of United States. New report from UN Technology council reveals that the technology gap between the first and third world has grown to virtually unprecedented proportions.

1993 Peace agreement signed between Israel and PLO. IRA bombs kill two children and wound fifty others in Warrington, UK. Siege at Waco. N.U.K.E. and Optima manage to diffuse the situation despite protests from Attorney General Janet Reno and heads of ATF and FBI. David Koresh is brought up on charges but counter-sues the Federal government.

1994 Los Angeles suffers Earthquakes. Mandela becomes President of South Africa. Genocide in Rwanda as Tutsi RPF paranormals slaughter members of the Hutu tribe. High Justice intervene in their bloodiest battle to date. Tutsi paranormals are brought to UN for war crimes trials. IRA declares a ceasefire.

1995 OJ Simpson accused of killing his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman. He is later found not guilty in criminal trial but is found guilty in civil trial. Oklahoma bombing. Kobe Japan hit by earthquake. Windows ’95 appears. It works flawlessly.

1996 British Mad Cow Disease scare. Prince Charles and Princess Di divorce. Hubble telescope searches space for more alien life.

1997 Princess Diana dies in auto accident. Mother Teresa dies. Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule. Spice Girls arrive. Hale-Bopp comet arrives in Solar system. Space shuttles Endeavor and Columbia, both heavily armed, arrive to investigate. They find it is what it appears to be, a ball of ice. The Unicorn and several other Lionheart villains discover her identity and attempt to destroy her. In the most destructive battle in paranormal history Lionheart and The Unicorn destroy much of downtown London. The loss of life is kept to a minimum as The Morrigan, Cavalier and other heroes work damage control during the battle. The battle ends when Lionheart II uses The Unicorn’s own attack against her, effectively frying her brains. In the trial Lionheart is acquitted of all charges, although self recriminations continue.

1998 Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. Ted Kaczynski is found guilty of being the Unabomber. US and UK bomb Iraq. UN Mars Mission begins planning stages.

1999 Euro currency is produced. Star Wars, Episode I is released in theatres. The Matrix rocks! Refugees flee Kosovo as NATO takes on Serbs. Rumors of paranormal activity causes Lionheart to lead High Justice on “pre-emptive strike” against Serb forces. Fatalities are kept to a minimum, but millions of dollars in military vehicles and weapons are destroyed and the fear of God is put into Serb forces. Later no paranormal activity is shown. Lionheart refuses to apologize for her actions.

2000 Audie Murphy, Captain Savage, dies of Cancer. Mars Mission sets out.  The team Maximum Justice is formed.

2001 Maximum Justice is destroyed, the members are either slain or driven underground.  The Vindicators is formed in the aftermath. Vindicators have "baptism of fire" against the Company of Wolves, other villains.

Vindicators meet Kay Dee Five Two, a fugitive from a secret lab in Canada.  Kay Dee's origin is linked to Paragon's and he discovers his mentor is held prisoner at her lab.  The team arrive, do battle with host of genetically engineered super soldiers and ultimately triumph.  Karma Doyle arrives and warns the group just in time of an ambush by The Albino Crime Sindicate.

Vindicators head to Michigan's Upper Pennisula at US Army's behest to investigate fate of a base.  There they fight a contingent of Styf.  Team succeeds in killing all but one, which is then taken into custody by the US Army.

Extra-Dimensional Invasion, also known as the "EDI" happens.  The Republic of Tandia stages attack upon the Earth along multiple fronts.  High Justice is rendered useless by "Seven Deadly Sins" curse.  It takes the combined efforts of The Vindicators and a host of solo heroes to find a cure and release High Justice as well of fend off the invading forces.  There Theresa Kinkaid who had been working with the Vindicators is revealed as a clone.

High Justice disbands, as does 5th Power.

2002: Vindicators thwart an attempt by Seawolf and Hard Winter to free Superbeast and Frostbite from a FPBI convoy.  In Washington DC Vortex and Theresa Kinkaid (now known as the clone) are attacked by The Sorcerer, an old foe of Vortex's.   The pair manage to fight him off.

The American Hero reality show airs and Avant Guard is formed as a result.

Storm Guard is formed.  British heroes, they are tasked with protecting the United Kingdom.

Heavy Metal stage daring robbery in Motor City and escape without incident.

The Masters of Science and Technology (MOST) attempt hi-tech robbery in Motor City, they are confronted by The Vindicators, shy Wolf and Valiant who are vacationing in France.  The MOST are captured, but not before Paragon is slain by Redstone.  Vortex leaves group, breaks up with Theresa Kinkaid.  What follows is a string of membership changes in The Vindicators.

2003: The Circle of Sorcery assault the Vindicators base in an attempt to secure Sand's sword, an artifact buried beneath the base.  The Circle is defeated but the team discovers The Druid has betrayed her team and is planning on using the sword to slay the supernatural entity in South America.  Her Wild Kingdom and Vindicators clash, but due to Wolf and Havok's passionate entreaties Druid's forces stand down.  Both teams face off against The Druid.  In the aftermath, Sand is resurrected, and Sea Wolf merges with the entity.

Wild Kingdom member Diosa joins the Vindicators.

Valiant temporarily loses her powers and resorts to employing a suit of untested power armor for a short time.

Vindicators face off against the GOON (Genetic Outcasts Of Nature) Squad.  Team discovers 'Squad is an inadvertant diversion for another Heavy Metal robbery in Motor City.  Team is able to return to defeat Heavy Metal.  In the altercation, Photon develops his powers.

Vindicators fight Harlequin.

Havok meets Sirocco, discovers there is a society of elementals.

Doctor Hades, thought to have died in 1997, is discovered to be alive.  He kidnaps NUKE and uses him to give three villains powers.  The Sorcerer is also discovered as being alive as well.  Vortex re-joins Vindicators during the battle.  Hades is blown up during the altercation, nuclear reactor he was using almost engages in meltdown.

2003, December: A new Wild Kingdom attempts to recreate the world and make it into one where magic is ascendant.  Their plan goes awry and it creates dual worlds, one where magic is dominant, the other where high technology reigns.  A majority of humans are split into two people, including the Vindicators.  The team manage to fix the problem, but The Wild Kingdom goes free.  The Elfin kingdom attempt to take advantage of the situation but fail, resulting in them erecting a mystic barrier cutting themselves off from the outside world.

July 2005: Project: Sword joins the team after being rescued from an island that fades in and out of reality.  Vindicators runs afoul of the United States paranormal team Freedom League.

August 2005: Comatose Black Angel awakens, team meets Cyndane.  Matthew Pathkiller returns.

September 2005: Black Angels turns out to be Smoke, it attempts to contact some sort of interstellar entity. Two teams are deployed to thwart it's plans; one to the moon, the other to Greenland.  Teams tangle with ECLIPSE CRATER units.

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