TASAIHIJOUKEISATSUSENSHI (The Versatile Emergency Police Warriors), or Super Japan Team, are Japan's elite para-normal law enforcement officers.  The group is currently comprised of the following:

Kano Matsao (Red): Matsao is team leader and is a tough, no-nonsense sort of man.  Matsao had been a police officer in an anti-terrorist unit when an extra-dimesnional portal opened up in the heart of Osaka and demons poured out.  His partner, an older, wiser cop and the head of the unit, was struck by the demonic forces.  Matsao caught the edge of the blast as his partner and mentor died.  As a result he somehow gained his partner's dying Ki energy.  This combined with his own has made him into a deadly martial artist, talents he was able to use to fend off the demons long enough for the military and Shinto sorcerers to arrive to help fight the demons back through their portal.  Kano also seems have inherited some of his partner's wisdom and spirit.  Matsao is a tall, lean Japanese man with wild black hair.

Hoki Zuiken (original Blue): Zuiken was an engineer and architect who was working on a proposal to create a series of artificial pennisulas along Japan's coastline to gain more habitable square mileage.  A mutant, he never employed his great strength and resilience, preferring to earn a living using his mind.  When an opening developed in the team his government appealed to his patriotic nature and he eventually changed his mind.  Since then Hoki has taken extensive training in Jujutsu and Karate.  Zuiken is a burly man who stands six feet four inches.

Hoki has semi retired and has been replaced by a new Blue.

Takisha Shimura (Blue): For a complete bio on Taki go here.

Takara Suki (Pink): Suki was a race queen, a girl who stood around race track pits in sexy and cute outfits advertising sponsors like walking billboards.  During a race there was a gasolene spill near another pit where there was an exposed series of batteries.  There was an explosion and Suki was hit with the combined chemicals.  Instead of killing her is gave her (gasp!) super powers.  Suki became the most sought-after race queen over night, but the Japanese government had other ideas for her.  After a rigorous training course that made the most of her powers she became a member.  Takara possesses tremendous speed and agility, it also seems to have given her a higher resistance to friction and kinetic force.  She has gotten training in Tae Kwon Do and Wu Shu to make the most of this speed.  Suki loves her job; as a race queen she had dreamt of being a race car driver but never had the chance.  Now as  member of the team she gets to drive the battle van!  Takara  stands five foot one, she has bright red hair she wears short  (it was black until the mutation).

Shiro Sakura (Violet): Shiro spent most of her life growing up under her grandfather's tutelidge, a master martial artist who instructed her in the art of Karate.  As a result of her years of training Shiro became a champion on the martial arts circuit, even defeating all her male opponents!  During a tournament in Kyoto a super villain attempted to rob a bank.  Sakura has been on her way to the arena when she almost bumped into him.  Realizing what he had done she confronted him.  Using only her natural skills she was able to take the super villain down!  The government was so impressed they offered her a position immediately.  A bit of a patriot, she decided that such a group could use her skills.  She also felt that such a group needed someone amongst them to remind them that "normal" people could potentially defeat them as well.  Shiro stands five foot three, she has brown hair she wears short and has hazel eyes.

Kaji Okyo (Green): Okyo was a young boy that had a fairly normal childhood, until the day a giant radioactive lizard tore a path through downtown Tokyo.  The lizard's background radiation was not enough to seriously harm anyone, but it was enough to activate Okyo's latent genes.  He developed super powers, the abiilty to fly, create a force field and fire bolts of energy. Hoki is a normal Japanese young man, with a black mop top and a wiry build.  He is almost always seen eating, and seems to form a crush on almost every pretty super heroine he meets.

TASAIHIJOUKEISATSUSENSHI has a full support staff of scientists, pilots, mechanics, medical technicians, etc.  They can call upon the support of the Japanese government and law enforcement at a moment's notice.  So far their record has been fairly impressive due to their strong teamwork and Matsao's leadership.

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