The original Sisterhood consisted of a group of female paranormals who posed as super heroes in Chicago while they secretly corrupted and stole from it's most prominent citizenry and law enforcement officials.  They were eventually stopped by The Vindicators and all but one was sent to prison.

The new Sisterhood apparently has no connection to the old, and at this time their motivations are unknown.

Acid Green: Former girl friend and sidekick of CERTAIN Death, Acid Green is a computer designer, programmer and hacker of great skill.  She has numerous cybernetic implants attached to her head that allow her to wirelessly interface with computer networks and also enhance the speed of her mental processes.
Atomic Tangerine: A nuclear powerhouse, AT is able to fly at multi-mach speeds and possesses great durability that makes her immune to most environmental extremes and forms of damage.  She is able to generate lethal bolts of energy, both force and tremendous heat.
Steel Blue: 'Blue was a disaffected youth who dropped out of Pure Power's Plant when she got yet another demerit for sleeping through ethics.  She is able to transform her flesh into a bio metallic compound that affords her a large measure of invulnerability as well as great strength.

'Blue's powers are similar to the reformed super villain Platinum Blonde.  Whether there is a relation between the two is unknown at this time.

Caput Mortuum: Caput is the resident mystic expert.  While she lacks the raw power and versatility of Gold Leaf, Caput brings a wide variety of connection to Earth's magical community as well as a vast library of historical magical knowledge in regards to places of power, artifacts and the histories of prominent persons of magical power.

Caput is a talented necromancer and is both able to communicate with the dead as well as create legions of undead zombies.

Cosmic Latte: 'Latte is the team's mode of transportation.  She is a powerful teleporter who can transport hundreds of tons thousands of miles with seeming ease.
Feldgrau: A former German Special Forces officer, Feldgrau is a master of numerous forms of martial arts as well as just about any firearm.  She is adept with bull whips and has a special one embedded with numerous tiny flakes of a nearly indestructable metal.  When employed the whip can cut through almost anything.

The team tactician, Feldgrau is merciless and takes great pleasure in both humiliating and harming her opponents.

Gold Leaf: Aurica is spoiled elfin princess with a vast store of magical power.  Her only weaknesse are her impulsiveness and immaturity.
Hot Pink: Team leader Hot Pink's powers are unknown at this time
Ultramarine: Latte's half sister, UM's powers differ greatly.  She is able to manipulate gravity, both to increase and decrease it both around herself and around other targets.  The complete range of her abilities is unknown at this time.
Spectra: Photon's counterpoint and a lethal enemy of Vortex, Spectra is a being comprised of pure light energy. She is able to travel as fast as light, does not have to breath or eat, and can employ her body to create various light based effects such as holograms or laser beams.

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