Testosterone, Parahuman Powers, Bad Attitudes, and High Heels. No, not a group of crossdressing Monty Pythonesque vigilantes. It's PMS, Precious MetalS.

When Cindy Clarkson of Miami, Florida took a highly illegal and untested steroid while preparing for the Ms Universe Pageant, she never forsaw the life she was about to create for herself. The drugs had a mutanagenic effect, combined with the stew of hormones and chemicals already floating in her bloodstream, turning her into the ultra-strong entity known as Silver. Her strength was augmented a hundredfold, her already fabulous if not particularly feminine physique into a female Titan. Her powerful thighs threw her through the air as if gravity were on vacation, and her dense muscle kept her safe from everything short of medium arms fire. She couldn't compete with such obviously artificially stimulated muscles, so she did the next best thing. She formed a team of Super Heroes!

In Nebraska she contacted Anna Hoss, the seven foot tall lady leviathan then known as Tower. Hoss' strength was appropriate for her insane size, but her skin was nearly invulnerable, making her a perfect addition to the new team. She had wanted to use the name Diamond, but a member of the team Avant Guard was already toting the monicker. Silver suggested they stick to metals for their ID's, Hoss settling on Bronze to match her permanent dark tan.

Dawn Chapman was the next recruit on the stunning Silver's list. Chapman was a mutant with a body that even her surfer girlfriends at Venice Beach were envious of and superhuman speed almost on par with the villain Java, without the five hundred dollar a day Starbucks monkey on her back. Chapman didn't see the point in joining a group of lady heroes until Silver and Bronze were almost ready to give up on her. The hand of fate dealt them a card in the form of Megalith. The superstrong entity had attacked law enforecment officials at a national park. The police were removing demonstaters from the site of a land clearing. The three ladies couldn't defeat the Monument of Might, but they did slow him down long enough for the demonstrators, police, park rangers, and government officials to reach a desperate agreement over the fate of the lands.

Iron and Cobalt were already operating together in Texas under the names Power and Gloria. Iron, Deb Berzenski, and Cobalt, Gloria Nai, were easily convinced to join up with the stunning trio. It was dangerous work, and having a sister always backing you up wasn't anything to discard. Iron's ability to magnify her density and Cobalt's violet energy creations were two more megaton bombs in the teams rapidly growing arsenal.

With power to spare, the group began to try and learn how to best operate together. Iron and Cobalt had worked together for nearly a year, but their tightly interwoven techniques didn't mesh well with the others. Bronze had fought several battles on her own, simply depending on her invulneability to protect her when she was at a loss for what to do next. Silver and Gold had next to no experience in combat at all. The ladies made money as hired muscle and by selling their swimsuit calandar, eventually earning enough money to attend Pure Power Plant's month and a half long specialized course: Parahuman Group Dynamics-Building the Ultimate Hero Team.

The final member of the team to join was Platinum Blonde.  A paroled super criminal who had been working in a Ram's Horn as a waitress, she had become the personal trainer of The Vindicator's Havok before he opted to go to Pure Power's Plant for further training.  Feeling snubbed, 'Blonde learned about the 'Metals and decided perhaps what they needed to hone their raw power was a little experience.  The women were skeptical at first but after weeks of being unable to secure sponsorship they decided they had nothing to lose by having a verteran at the head of their team.  While 'Blonde is a former criminal the noteriety of her leading a super hero team has given the team a PR boost.

Platinum Blonde is able to turn into an organic silvery metal.  In this form she is incredibly strong and highly resistant to injury; she is immune to high caliber bullets as well as pressure and temperature extremes.  She is able to leap hundreds of yards and run at a sprint of up to thirty miles an hour.  She loses none of her natural agility and she seems to have an excellent fighting instinct that makes her a dangerous opponent.  She claims this comes from living with three older brothers.

Darlene still needs to breathe air while in organic form, apparently it has to do with her "metalicized cells" still needing oxygen.  Darlene is also vulnerable to high powered electrical attacks.  Platinum Blonde is also non-boyant, meaning she would sink in water if she remained in steel form so drowning is a very definite fear for her.

NOTE: Precious Metals was originally created by Joe O'Connor.  All but one image on this web site were provided by him.