IS is a group of paranormal mercenaries who are based in the outlaw Balkan state of Khushastaahd, a treacherously mountainous region that has resisted any and all attempts to conquer it, going back to the first World War.  The country is ruled by a mysterious dictator known only as The Kommisasr, whether or not this is the same man who has ruled the country since WW I is still a mystery.

How IS and The Kommisar formed their partnership is unknown, but what is known is IS provides security for Khushastaahd and The Kommisar provides them with a base of operations.  Where this base is, is unknown at this time.
Power Broker: Primarily a non combatant, very little is known of the mysterious Power Broker; even this person's sex is inderminent.  Power Broker acts as the team's financial and tactical chief.  It is not known whether he/she has any powers or unusual abilities.
Gar Goyle: First (and last) seen over the skies of California, Gar Goyle's nature is unknown.  A mystic creature? A scientific experiment gone awry?  A mutant?  No one knows.

Gar is able to fly and has vicious claws on both it's hands and feet. It has no obvious eyes and it is speculated that he(?) has some sort of sonar sense.

War Demon: Apparently a mystical being, War Demon is strong, tough, can fly and is equally comfortable employing medeival and modern weapons.
Jade Giant: JG is an immensely powerful being with massive strength and durability.  He stands some nine feet tall and weighs almost a ton, and his immense bulk seems to slow him down.
Thompson: Thompson is a mercenary whose weapon of choice is a modified Thompson submachine gun.  The weapon can fire a variety of special ammunition, from armor piercing and/or explosive rounds to tranquilizer bullets.  The weapon's drum holds fifty rounds and he often carries two spare drums strapped to his back beneath his jacket.

Thompson also carries a backup .45 caliber pistol that can fire the same ammunition are his primary weapon.

Dragon Fang and Dragon Claw: Dragon Fang and her partner, Dragon Claw, are world-renowned martial artists with seemingly supernatural abilities.  Unlike other members of International Solutions, their motivations seem to be more about testing their talents against "worthy opponents" rather than for money.

Dragon Fang is a master of numerous melee weapons, usually they have a hi-tech component.  Dragon Claw seems to have tapped into his inner chi for numerous near super human effects.

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