Located on a rocky isle off the coast of South Carolina, Endeavor Inc. was originally an R&D firm known as Tech Prospects.  TP had specialized in alternative sources of energy, and while it had some successes the firm had to file for bankruptcy.  Brian Griffith purchased the property at a reasonable price.  When The Vindicators were searching for a secret base for their more covert team they chose the locale.

The base is very solidly built in order to withstand hurricanes.  It contains numerous electronic, computer and chemical labs as well as extensive machine shops.  The Northwest end of the facility contains an underground hangar where helicopters and the like may be stored.  The Southeast portion of the facility houses a dock designed to protect its boats from hurricane level winds and waves.  The base is plugged into the South Carolina power grid, but it has several alternate power sources; under water hydro electric plants take advantage of local currents to produce power (the Northwest tower is accessable via underwater tunnel), and there are a four high-efficiency solar panels mounted on the roofs.

The facility has been modified to easily accomodate well over a dozen men and women in a series of well appointed suites.  The facilities has numerous recreational and training facilities as well.


Tang's Shuttle: An alien spacecraft piloted originally by the mantis-like being known as Tang, the shuttle was employed by the Communist Chinese government in covert operations.  The shuttle is capable of multi-mach speeds and contains a stealth capability unequaled by any government on Earth.  It is able to become entirely invisible visually as well as being undetectable both by radar and heat sensing detection systems.  The ship is also very quiet (click on images to enlarge).  According to Tang the shuttle was not employed very much outside Earth's atmosphere, as only Tang could pilot it (a fiction he perpetrated to insure his survival) and the government did not wish for him to leave the planet under any circumstances.  The new human-centric control interfaces are-theorhetically-intuitive and easy to operate, although as they are essentially Earth technology wedded to alien it would make sense for a very experienced pilot to handle the craft.

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Hovercraft: Endeavor Inc. has two of these high capacity hovercraft that are designed for quick evacuation in the event of an emergency.  Their main purpose, however, is to ferry supplies to and from the mainland ten miles away.  Each hovercraft has a large bed that can hold tons of cargo or vehicles, and their high-efficiency jet engines as well as ultra-stable fan bed allow them to navigate the rough Atlantic waters.  An emergency back up feature is the pontoon curtain; if necessary, compressed air can fill a rubber bladder all about the edge of the hovercraft, turning it into a large pontoon boat.
Jump Chopper: Designed as a concept craft for the military, the jump chopper was supposed to be a reconnaisance vehicle for the United States Army.  However, the advent of remote controlled craft made the concept of a small helicopter obsolete and the two prototypes were sold. 

Both jump choppers are constructed of ultra-lightweight materials as well as being coated with layers of a high efficiency bullet resistant material.  They have a range of just over a hundred miles and can carry two passengers.


David Sutherland: A decorated Royal Marine sergeant, Sutherland had to retire from active service after the Extra Dimensional Invasion, when he suffered numerous injuries during the campaign in Ireland to resist the Fir Bolg.  He lost the index finger of his right hand and two toes on his right foot, as well as serious burns along the right side of his body.  While he was upset at his early retirement, David pursued physical rehabilitation with a will and made an excellent recovery.  He joined a security firm and acted as a bodyguard, and his sharp eye, excellent reflexes and good judgement made him well respected among peers and his good humor popular with clients.  When he was offered to become chief of security for Endeavor Inc. David accepted due to the new challenges it afforded him.

Sutherland is an experienced hand-to-hand fighter, an excellent shot with a variety of small arms and has a good feel for the employment of technology and human agents both to secure a facility.

Angel Ayers: Smooth, subtle, photogenic, and posessing a devastating IQ, Angel Ayers is quite possibly the greatest spin doctor and public relations representatitve that you never heard of.  Angel has made a career of saving the reputations of various celebrities and corporations, salvaging careers and images.  But after years of wading through the muck of Hollywood and Wall Street both, Angel grew jaded and bored; in the end, her life consisted of making reprehensible people look good.  When Endeavor Inc. needed a public face, Brian had approached her with the challenge of becoming the mouthpiece, the person who would create The Big Lie that Endeavor Inc. existed.  Intrigued, excited, Angel agreed.

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