In 1967 the Earth was attacked by an alien known as the Styf.  No one knows their true name, they were given the name of the astronomer who first noticed their massive vessel orbiting Jupiter.  The aliens were utterly inhuman and proceeded to attack the planet, dropping asteroids upon major industrial centers such as Detroit in the United States.  The super team High Justice, along with a joint American/British/Soviet military contingent of five hundred soldiers stole aboard the alien spacecraft with the aid of the super heroine Gateway.  The spacecraft was crippled in the ensuing battle and crashed off the coast of Baja, California.  Gateway was able to evacuate the surviving troops and her team mates from the ship before the crash, but the effort resulted in her death.

The United Nations created a special branch that would deal with the research of the surviving alien technology and to gradually release it to the public.  It has resulted in a mission to Mars, electric cars, and other advancements.

But what the public does not know is that a secret agency was created to discover alien life upon Earth and either contain it, or eliminate it.  ECLIPSE (Extraterrestrial Containment, Lunar & International Police, Special Enforcement).  ECLIPSE's mission would be to track down any and all aliens upon or orbiting Earth, incarcerate them, study them, interrogate them.  ECLIPSE was given access to alien technology far beyond anything other organizations might have access to, giving them the world's first teleporters.  Agents also had access to powerful defenses, potent weapons, computer and stealth technology that made them ghosts.  It was a shadow organization that within a few years gained an autonomy unparalleled.  They made use of Earth's super heroes when necessary, although it was done seldom and in one way or another a hero was made ignorant of whom he had been working with or for; either the ECLIPSE agent would pose as an agent from another organization, or the hero's memory was changed.

Over time, the existence of ECLIPSE was erased from computer banks.  Physical files disappeared, key people's memories were wiped.  ECLIPSE existed completely in the shadows until they were forced into the light after confrontations with The Vindicators.  Ultimately ECLIPSE was publicly exposed and forced to disband, all of it's secrets divulged.  Many members of ECLIPSE were tried for various crimes, while others fled and are still at large.

ECLIPSE had incarcerated quite a few aliens in their various holding facilities around the world.  These aliens have since either left Earth or have relocated to Motor City.

CRATER (Crisis Response Assault Team Exoskeletal Reinforcement): CRATER units were ECLIPSE's elite strike units, heavily armed and encased in powerful suits of armor that (theorhetically) could take on any alien threat.

CRATER soldiers were recruited from elite fighting forces world wide.  Navy SEALS, Russian SPETZNATZ, British SAS, Australian SASR, South Korean 707th, and others are the source of elite soldiers who are masters of combat, stealth, and tactical innovation.

CRATER units were comprised of a half dozen soldiers.  Their armors provided them with enhanced strength as well as an advanced ceramic armor and force fields that afforded the wearers a modicum of protection.  CRATER weapons varied from the conventional to equipment comparable to those used by the FPBI/BPA.  CRATER armor possessed stealth capabilities second to none; when activated CRATERs became all but invisible to the naked eye as well as infra-red, radar and other sensors. The power usage was a bit high so CRATERs had to use the abilities sparingly.