Based largely in Europe (and most notably in Italy and Sicily) Commedia dell'arte is a team of super villains whose theme is based loosely upon Italian street theatre.  Their clothing and mannerisms are inspired by the improvisational theatre begun in 16th century Italy.

The team is comprised of adept thieves and mercenaries, they have both operated independently and have taken large commissions for numerous criminal acts such as kidnapping, destruction of property and murder.  They are considered extremely dangerous and ruthless and have been the cause of death of numerous law enforcement officers of several different nations as well as a few super heroes.

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Horrorquin: A demonic, malevolent force, Horrorquin is fast, strong, and very, very tough.  While not a "brick" in the traditional sense, he can soak of sickening amounts of damage and come back for more. His teeth are able to bit through bone and his magic wand seems to allow him to see wherever it's beady little eyes are looking, making it difficult to sneak up on him.
Il Veloce: The Speed is an accomplished acrobat and juggler as well as a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant.  All of that would be bad enough, if not for the fact that he is also a speedster.  He is able to run at hundreds of kilometers per hour and has amazing hand/eye coordination.  Il Veloce is also an expert safe cracker and electronic security specialist.

It is thought Il Veloce's powers are magical in origina rather than the result of some mutation/radiation accident.

Innamorata: The Lover, Innamorata is an expert grifter and con artist, able to adopt numerous identities at will.  She is most experienced at playing pampered debutantes and trashy party girls.  Among her duties include casing rich people's homes and distracting security.

Innamorata also employs a special perfume that exudes a potent pheromone.  The pheromone can grossly impair the judgment of most heterosexual males.  Innamorata is a skilled martial artist and enhances her lethality with hidden tazers in her sleeves as well as pepper spray.

Juggler dei Couri: The Juggler of Hearts is Innamorata's male counterpart, a grifter who has a history of seducing women out of millions of Euros. He has numerous identities, each of them a flawless role; police man, homeless drifter, rich executive, Juggler finds each one simplicity itself.

Juggler is not very proficient in hand-to-hand combat, though he is adept with a bullwhip and is a good shot.  He carries a conventional pistol and the whip, but also several jugglers balls, each of them a potential smoke, sleep gas grenade.

Juggler is an adept juggler and sometimes he and Il Veloce might put on a show...with Il Veloce slowing down for him.

La Signora: Team Leader and mastermind, La Signora has been a life long thief from her earliest days as a pick pocket and grifter.  Arrested, incarcerated, she volunteered for medical experiments which had the effect of providing her with mental powers.  She employed them to great effect over the years, but as she entered her thirties she decided to take a less active role and recruited a team.  Still a handsome woman in her early forties, she runs the show from a safe distance, using her telepathy to coordinate her team while also sometimes using the odd mental blast to even the odds.
Mascherina: To say Mascherina is an odd duck does not quite cover it.  He is an artificer of considerable skill and has constructed numerous mystic devices, from a peacock feather cape that allows him flight for short duration to a series of masks that provide him with different powers (i.e. black mask darkness, gold mask fire, etc.).  There is no telling what toys he might bring to a fight, so every meeting with Mascherina is a surprise.
Principe de Caos: The Prince of Chaos is a mutant who had been incarcerated in a mental institution in Northern Italy due to mild schizophenia before he was broken out by the team.  They have used various means to keep him under control, although he enjoys his work so much it does not take much to keep him in line, especially with his crush upon Regina.

Chaos warps reality in an immediate area around him; powers do not work right, perceptions are warped.  When La Signora uses her telepathy she is able to use her perceptions to aid her team mates.

Regina di Discordia: The Queen of Discord is a sorceress of consumate skill, a mistress of space and time who is able to teleport the team to and from danger, distort the very concepts of distance and time itself.  She is also skilled in other fields of sorcery and enjoys using them to torment her team's enemies.

The Queen's origins are unknown, and despite her title she is more than happy to take La Signora's direction in battle.  She is the team's second in command and field leader in the event La Signora is unavailable.