The moment paranormals entered the mainstream of society society itself was forever changed.  Here was actual proof that there were such things as vampires and werewolves.  Here was evidence that such god-like beings such as Hercules or Achilles may have in fact once existed.  In fact it was proof that some of the ancient gods of those mythical pantheons may have existed in the form of paranormals posing as them!

At first their existence did not make that much of an impact.  In the early twentieth century many were reluctant to come forth for fear of being feared as freaks.  In fact it was believed that there just weren't that many around 1908 when "Little John" Bayer revealed his strength.  But by the Second World War that had begun to change on a global scale.  By the end of the war there was no doubt that paranormals were not only increasing in number but that they could have an impact on society.  Sarge Savage and his Power Platoon (although they were only a squad) appeared on the cover of Time and Life after proving their worth in the African and European theatre.  Then 1958 came around, and Lionheart I sacrificed his life to avert a meteor from crashing into the Atlantic.  It was a sobering thought that the fate of the world had rested in the hands of one man.  In fact it had been compared by some to the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.  That analogy only made the sacrifice more disturbing.

Paranormals proved their critical worth again when the alien Styf began dropping rocks on Earth.  Without the help of High Justice's Gateway soldiers would not have been able to invade the alien mother ship and destroy it, and without the paranormal scientist Savant the world would not have been able to understand the technology that had literally fallen into their lap.

That technology proved to be a boon and a curse.  Over time much of it was adapted to produce safer nuclear plants, thus providing more clean power.  Electric cars are half way towards ousting gasolene powered models.  Computers are incredibly fast and can store and process enormous amounts of data.  But that same technology in the wrong hands again and again has proven to be a danger.  Corsica's Lord Dread has threatened the Earth numeorus times with his technology, as have a host of others.

By the early seventies paranormals had begun to insinuate themselves into pop culture.  Super heroes began endorsing products, they were being hired by corporations to both represent them and to act as a spokesperson.  They were making movies using their powers in lieu of special effects.  Over time it seemed as if more and more there was little reason to put the word "hero" behind "super" any more, with more and more of them donning spandex for money and fame than for any altruistic motive.  Super Villains commit crimes then claim emotional distress and temporary insanity for their motivations, and enough people actually believe them that they get away with it!  It is a colder, more cynical world, a world in need of some old-fashioned heroes who are in it for more than just a buck.

The world needs you!

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