MEMBERSHIP: Frostbite, Winged Wolf, Seawolf, Superbeast, Bitch!

Paranormal DNA and magic do not normally mix, which is why the Hobbes family is so interesting to geneticists and magicians alike.  Each of the four Hobbes brother suffer from lycanthropy, the ability to turn into werewolves.  Each of the four brothers also exhibit mutant powers.

And each brother is a hardened career criminal.

The four have run as a pack off and on over the past six years, breaking up and reconciling time and again.  Part of this cycle is determined by their constant struggles to see who the alpha male is and also in part to the hibernation cycle of members of Frostbite's other team, Hard Winter.  More recently a new member was added, a mercenary that goes by the name Bitch(!).  This has had the dual effect of making the team more efficient and giving the brothers something else to fight about.

Bitch-now Redshift-remains in prison while the Hobbes brothers live in the Brazilian rain forest, three of them permenantly in wolf form while the forth now exists as a powerful elemental.

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