In order for the game to run more smoothly, please observe the following rules:

1. This is an PG-13 to R-rated game, that means there will be harsh language, violence and perhaps a little sexual content, although nothing of a graphic nature.

2. Refrain from Playing God.  Some campaigns allow this, but in this one you write only your own character, and in some cases NPCs.

3. Players should post as often as they can.  Failure to maintain game momentum may result in a player being evicted. There are exceptions (see rule #4).

4. Players may take a leave of absence.  In this case prior warning to me allows you to take up to three weeks off without posting.  I know we all have lives and they interfere with the fun stuff, but a little advance notice of when your life is messing with the game would be nice.

5. Do not kill any player characters!


Players will write in a narrative, past tense format. I do not need excessive symbols to determine whether or not they are speaking to themselves or aloud, but proper use of these "" would be nice.

I am using a Cause and Effect format, meaning that you should not single-handedly win a battle.  Your character performs an action and the GM tells you what happens as a result.

As I said earlier, only write your own character and in some cases NPCs.  If you wish to do a joint posting with someone-the GM, player, NPC, anybody-call their attention with their names in one of these with the word "respond" like so: <respond GM>

When you speak out of character post the paragraph and/or sentence with an "OOC:" so we know it.  When you begin writing in character post a "IC:" first.


Combat works like this; First you declare your action.  It would be nice if you could phrase it in a narrative format like everything else.  Next, the GM will post initiatives for all combatants.  The initiative score will determine the level of success/failure of everyone's combat actions.

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