Neighborhoods and Regions
    The Riverfront
    Chinatown (In Madison Heights)
    Grosse Pointe
    Highland Park
    Tokyo West
    The Underground 
Landmarks and Locations of Interest
    First Precinct
    Gateway Memorial
    Gateway Medical
    Hero's Hangout
    Motor City Institute of Art
    Motor City Public Library
    Optimum Plaza
    Pure Power's Plant North
    Roger's Costumes
    Paranormal Precinct
    Tengu's Tea House
    Kosmo's (In Clawson)
    Diner Mo's (In Bloomfield)
    The Comic Bunker/Luthelde Lantaneil's Office
    The Lair
Extradimensional Regions
    Avalon Estates
    Haunted Highway
    Magic Mile
    Aztec Acres
    Old Chinatown
    Flying Fortress
    The Draig Coch
    Haunted Highway
    Screaming Mimis

THE RIVERFRONT: Considered some of Science City's most valuable real estate, the Riverfront is located South of the New Ambassador Bridge (the original was obliterated by the Styf asteroid) Detroit's riverfront consists of four and five star hotels, casinos, outdoor and indoor malls as well as a dock where ferries go to and from Canada.  Certain businesses can also be found here.

Science City's Riverfront district

CHINATOWN: Detroit's Chinatown district was never as large or as extensive as other major United States cities such as San Francisco, New York City or Chicago.  And the Styf meteor had wiped out the neighborhood entirely.  But during the massive reconstruction boom a great many Chinese immigrants, many of whom filtered down from Canada, settled in the area.  Initially construction workers and their families, they were soon joined by immigrants involved in other industries.  Soon a Chinatown arose in Madison Heights.

While a young community compared to other Chinatowns, it nevertheless possesses an air of mystery due in part to the tight knit, tight lipped residents.  However, many outsiders have suspected that Chinatown inhabitants deliberately maintain an environment of secrecy to play up to the tourists.

CLAWSON: Clawson had been one of the areas left relatively unscathed by the Styf strike and as a result it's property became highly valued.  While originally it was going to be zoned for massive residential housing politcians changed their minds at almost the last minute at the region was largely re-zoned for industrial construction.  Factories were erected all over the region.

Optimum Inc. had been well into construction of facilities but after it was discovered the company president had been a Tandian spy their stocks plummeted.  Money dried up and most of the facilities went unfinished.  In recent years one of the buildings was purchased by Pure Power's Plant (see below).

DOWNTOWN: This is the central business disctrict and residential area of Science City.  Here can be found such major landmarks as the Styf Memorial, where the names of all those who had died in the destruction of Detroit are held in posterity upon a black marble spire.  The Gateway Memorial can also be found here as is the original Joe Louis fist, which had miraculously survived largely intact.  The Science City Lions are hosted by Ford Field and the Science City Tigers call Comerica Park home, while the Science City Pistons play out of the Optimum Hall.  The Detroit Red Wings (The club refused to change it's name) are hostd by New Joe Louis Arena.

Downtown holds the city's Financial District, where many of the largest banks can be found.  It is also where one may find the headquarters of Compudyne, Spire Aerospace, and Plex Alternative.  Downtown residents are proud of the oldest surviving church, Old St. Mary Roman Catholic.  Downtown has several small parks and a thriving theater district, among them the Fox Theatre and Ilitch Center.

Downtown at night

EASTPOINTE: As new technologies were discovered and explored new facilities had to be constructed to take advantage of them.  Swathes of land were purchased and thousands of people moved.  The city of Eastpointe became a major industrial center, one that thrives today.  Optimum Inc has several factories here as well as Spire Aerospace's primary construction facilities.

FERNDALE: "Fashionable Ferndale" is an upscale suburb North of Downtown, it is known for it's large LGBT population and progressive policies; it was the first region to elect an openly gay city councilman and for the past twenty years has hosted the Science City Pride parade.  It is also known for it's trendy night clubs and exclusive shops.  Sam's Jams, for example, is a very well known music store specializing in rare vinyl, rock and roll posters, bootleg DVDs of old concerts, t-shirts and other memorobilia.
GROSSE POINTE:  This neighborhood comprises all the "Pointes" those neighborhoods that had formerly been called Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park and Grosse Pointe Shores. This wealthy enclave can be found east and south, with Lake St. Clair at the far eastern border, and is the epitome of old money. These communities were founded in the late 1800s, and the architecture ranges from opulent to interesting.  Expensive malls and restaurants can be found here, as well as a host of private golf courses.  While roughly half the homes had been destroyed by the Styf strike, many original homes still exist and those that replaced the destroyed mansions are equally impressive in opulence.

The original Vindicators compound can be found in Grosse Pointe.

HAMTRAMCK: Hamtramck is quite literally a city within a city.  Roughly two square miles in area, the community had been surrounded by Detroit even back in ’67 before the Styf invasion.  When both Federal and State governments began offering major tax incentives other communities succumbed to the temptation and became part of Detroit, later Science City.  But Hamtramck is home to a stubborn Polish folk and they felt that their independence was more important.  The city prospered despite not having these incentives, as they had not been seriously damaged by the Styf meteor attacks and this community was instrumental in helping rebuild their larger neighbor.

Hamtramck has seen its share of financial troubles, but it is still a viable community and is proud that it is still its own city.  In recent years the tourist trade has increased due to Hamtramck possessing some of the oldest buildings in the area.

Hamtramck seems to have some undefined magical nature; during the time when der Natchfuhrer had taken over Science City and transformed it into Necropolis, Hamtramck was unaffected.  Hamtramck is also home to what has been increasingly called the "Paranormal Precinct" (see below).

HIGHLAND PARK: North of what was originally Detroit is Highland Park, which during the reconstruction period saw a boom in residential construction.  What set Highland Park apart from other communities, however, were the individuals purchasing the land.  Even as segments of Downtown Science City were becoming what would later be called Tokyo West (see below), many Japanese families were flocking to Highland Park.  The city boasts one of the largest Japanese populations in the United States and many of the apartment complexes and homes reflect Japanese culture.  The richest compounds have lush, elaborate gardens, fountains and courtyards.

A narrow corridor of shops, hotels and Japanese themed entertainment centers connect Highland Park to "Toykyo West", and while some residents complain of the "Japanization" of Science City nothing much has been done to prevent the construction of such institutions.  Science City has had a proud tradition of cultural and racial diversity and the city council has always believed that should be maintained.  However, a measure to make all store signs bi-lingual has been adopted.

The "Tokyo Corridor"

LIVONIA: Livonia is located thirteen miles Northwest from Downtown and is home to several colleges and universities: Madonna University, Schoolcraft College, a University of Phoenix campus as well as a Continuing Education Center of Eastern Michigan University.  It is also home to  the Detroit Museum, a well maintained facility that contains photographs and memorobilia chronicalling the history of Science City before the Styf strike.

Livonia is also home ot Optimum Inc's headquarters.  Optimum Plaza can be found here, a magnificent and unusual looking pair of structures.  Many of Optimum Inc.'s employees live in Livonia, as a matter of fact.  The alien political entity known as The Confederacy also has an Embassy here, it is headed up by former Vindicator
Glin Chet'crebinel.

Glin Chet'crebinel

Optimum Plaza

PONTIAC: When thousands of workers descended upon Detroit housing was desperately needed to accomodate them.  Tent cities sprang up all over the region as construction companies worked to put up houses and apartment complexes.  Pontiac became a major source for this housing.  In time, as nicer housing was erected, Pontiac's homes were abandoned.  Over the years the region became home to a lower class of tenant and soon crime followed in their wake.

Today Pontiac is considered one of Science City's most crime ridden and economically depressed regions.  It is also home to the region known as Aztec Acres (see below).

TOKYO WEST: In the early days of the reconstruction a cabal of long range thinking Japanese companies made a series of major land purchases in the Metro Detroit region.  What developed over the years were a series of Japenese corporations with a foothold in a the fastest growing American metropolis.  Nick-named Tokyo West, it is the largest concentration of Japanese businesses in the United States.

Tokyo West is famous for it's restaurants as well as it's markets selling authentic Japanese cuisine.  It's stores sell hard to find Japanese goods such as certain manga comics and DVDs.  During the eighties and early nineties anime fans from across the country would flock to Tokyo West to raid it's book and video stores.  An annual festival, known as Tokyocon, takes place every Spring that attract anime fans and cosplayers from all across the world.

Tokyo West residents are especially proud of their highly flashy "downtown" district, which is bathed in neon and holographic displays at night.  Tourists come down just to see the gaudy display.

Tokyo West's top cop is officer Betsy Ukita.  When she was a teenager she had been known as the vigilante Ronin but after an arrest she was talked into attending college, and then joining the Science City Police Department.  She is a minor paranormal who warps reality around her so that things seem like they are taking place in a motion picture; she is often accompanied by theme music and she is able to perform abnormally awesome feats.  She works alone mostly because she is afraid any partner of hers may die to produce more dramatic tension.  It is also why most of her relationships are kept brief.

Officer Ukita in a slightly modified MCPD uniform.

Downtown Tokyo West at dusk.

WARREN: Years ago when the Metro Detroit area was combined to form Science City, each township, village and city in the tri-county area neighboring Detroit's original boundaries were given the option to join the new metropolis or remain independent.  Two cities elected to decline the offer.  One was Hamtramck, which today is literally surrounded by Science City.  The other is Warren to the North.

At the time it made good sense.  The meteor impact had delivered damage more East to West rather than to the North of Detroit, so Warren had come out of the event more or less unscathed.  The mayor and city councilmembers at the time had envisioned Warren as becoming a new Detroit, thinking the bold experiment the Federal government had put in place would become a failure.  They thought Science City would become wholly and permanently depdendent on Federal money and a slave to oversight.  It was not until the new and mighty metropolis prospered that the short sighted Warren politicians had seen their mistake.

Over the past several decades Warren has seen it's ups and downs and it's citizens see their independence as a source of pride.  Considering how Science City's city council has rejected numerous proposals to integrate the city into their own (There have been many reasons for this, although the most obvious one not mentioned is pettiness), that is pretty much all they can do.

Warren still has a lot going for it.  It is home to the advertising firms of Campbell Ewald and Dorner Bros., the General Motors Technical Center (and in fact General Motors has numerous offices in and throughout Warren) and is the headquarters of Big Boy Restaurants.

THE UNDERGROUND: When reconstruction began on Detroit, entire sections of the old city were simply bull dozered over.  This combined with sections of abandoned sewer systems created warrens of abandoned tunnels and unstable sub structures.  Criminals and homeless moved into these places and a sort of sub culture was formed.  Clever and innovative residents pirated water and power, old telephone cables were used to create an off-the-grid communications network.  There are miles of unmapped tunnels and warrens and any attempt to shut them down and clean them out have been half hearted at best, as numerous politicians find it easier to ignore the homeless problem plaguing even Science City by keeping their "undesireables" under ground and out of sight.

A sample of an underground warren.

FIRST PRECINCT: A metropolis like Science City, which attracts some of the world's most infamous criminals, requires an elite police force.  The First Precinct is the home of the best of the best, detectives who are specialists in a wide variety of crimes.  Tasks forces covering paranormal and conventional crime can be found here.

The MCPD First Precinct officers are the only police officers in Science City to have access to a fleet of flying cars...except for
Tokyo West officer Betsy Ukita, who somehow got ahold of one and no one has yet to ask her to give it back.  There are two models; a two person patrol car, and a larger model that can be configured to carry a contingent of SWAT officers or act as prisoner transport.

The First Precinct is located in Downtown Science City in the New Hudson Building.

GATEWAY MEMORIAL: Located in Ford Plaza in downtown Science City, the Gateway Memorial is  a large statue dedicated to the paranormal who was instrumental in halting the Styf invasion and whose work on behalf of Amnesty International was responsible for saving so many lives.  The statue is of the heroine as she was around the time of her death, in her late thirties, wearing a pair of slacks and a blouse.  She is standing in a casual manner, her arms crossed over her belly, her expression somber.  A quote is inscribed on a plaque at the base of the statue: “I have to because I can.”

Since her death Gateway has become a symbol for the Feminist movement even though her involvement with NOW was peripheral at best.  In interviews she had stated her admiration for the group but she herself had always been to busy as Gateway to contribute her time to them.  Still every year NOW stages a rally at the Gateway Memorial.

GATEWAY GENERAL HOSPITAL: This is a unique facility in that an entire wing is devoted to the study and care of paranormals. The model for other hospitals in other cities with potentially large paranormal  populations, it holds a large variety of labs and operating theatres designed so almost anyone or anything could be treated. The wing is also designed to be locked down like a maximum security prison at a moment's notice and a special contingent of FBI agents are always on duty there.

A sealed operating theater

HERO’S HANGOUT: After the success of the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood restaurants it was inevitable that a restaurant chain using super heroes as a theme would be born.  Hero’s Hangout is brainchild of Denise Kimes, the grand-daughter of Jonathan Kimes, The Falcon.  She had been facing bankruptcy and her restaurant was going to be taken when her mother showed her her grandfather’s old costume.  Getting verification from several sources for legal reasons, Denise displayed the costume as well as newspaper articles of his exploits.  The restaurant bounded back and Denise was able to get ahold of several other pieces of heroic memorabilia.  Soon She was opening a second restaurant, then a third…The rest is history.

Science City’s Hero’s Hangout is located in Ferndale and sports some nice items, among them Noir’s entire outfit (complete with 45’s, tommy gun and gask mask), three pairs of Mustaphah’s size fourteen Nike’s from the days he was known as Adam Smasher, and Gateway’s first costume before she just started wearing civilian clothes.  Many items are rotated so different HH’s can host new and original stuff for their patrons, although some items-such as Cavalier’s armor and the Falcon display, stays in its original place.

Super Hero memorabilia is not as common as say rock and roll memorabilia so there are far fewer HH’s than there are Hard Rock Café’s. Currently there are eight; NYC, Los Angeles CA, Science City MI, London UK, Paris France, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, and Miami FL.  There are currently no plans to open any more at this time, although with new heroes showing up it is hard to tell.

Another chain of restaurants tried to go for a similar theme.  Unfortunately Planet Villainy was not very successful and they had to declare bankruptcy.

SCIENCE CITY INSTITUTE OF ARTS: When the Styf strike devastated Detroit it was not just the horrific loss of life that was considered a tragedy; The Detroit Institute of Arts was home to an impressive collection of artistic works.   While construction of the Science City Institute of Arts building went relatively well, it took literally decades before it amassed a collection rivalling that of the DIA.

The SCIA contains a wonderful variety of fine art, from paintings to sculptures ranging in styles from tradition to modern.  The SCIA plays hosts to special presentations; in 2012, for example, it displayed a collection of Karl Faberge's work, among them a half dozen Faberge Eggs.

SCIENCE CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY:  Located across the street from the MIIA, the Science City Public Library is itself an impressive structure, containing an impressive collection of books.  The MCPL strives to serve the public in as many capacities as possible and within it's walls are a vast array of works both fantastic and mundane.

The building not only towers three stories above ground; the SCPB possesses several sub basements where rare works are collected and held in sealed rooms whose environments are carefully regulated, and made available upon special request to patrons.

OPTIMUM PLAZA: Home of Optimum Inc. Optimum Plaza is considered one of the world's most advanced collection of buildings.  They were built with the latest construction techniques, making them virtually earthquake proof, environmentally friendly and tremendously energy efficient.  Optimum Plaza contains a wide variety of offices for various companies and interests, from web designers to law firms.

Optiumum Plaza is also home of some of OI's most advanced laboratories and Research and Development departments.  From communications to alternative energy sources, OI claims that it is still at the forefront of technological advancement!

PURE POWER'S PLANT NORTH: After the horrific tragedy that took place at Pure Power's Plant in 2008 it was decided by the staff that perhaps having all the students in one place might be a bad idea; if they were going to be potential targets then maybe it would be wiser to seperate them.  The idea was tossed back and forth for almost a year before it was decided that three facilities would be opend up nation wide, making four campuses.  There was the original, one opened in Upstate New York, another in Northern California, and a third in Science City.

Pure Power's Plan North, also known as The Dojo, is where those paranormals with enhanced physical attributes come to train.  From super strength to super speed to martial arts, they all come here to hone their skills.  Students are still taught classes in law enforcement and ethics.

The facility is located in the suburb of Clawson, purchased cheaply due to it originally being one of the factories Optimum Inc. had not finished constructing. For more information regarding Pure Power's Plant, go here.

ROGER'S COSTUMES: Stephan Rogers  had the apparent misfortune early in life to develop an interest in the clothing industry. His designs were considered at times too strange or too pedestrian depending on the critic or fashion designer. He realized early on that he would never be able to make it in the fashion industry, so he then decided to try something new. He created a costume shop catering to the rich. His costumes were accurate recreation of super villain and super heroic costumes as well as other more "mundane" outfits like vampires and zombies. After a few years his business began to turn a steady profit, so much so he had several stores located in different cities. In Science City Stephen had scored quite a coup getting the Maximum Justice, then later on Vindicators contract to make their costumes.

Stephan's store was more like a large studio, his more impressive designs kept behind glass cases. There was his Captain Savage costume from his Classic Heroes line, a perfect replica of Lord Dredd's armor from his Infamy Unbound collection, and a beautiful Phantom of The Opera outfit complete with a make up kit from the Showbiz group.

Stephan is not gay, although everyone around him-including his parents and sometimes his wife-thought so. An effiminate man, Stephan himself is very slender with a long brown pony tail and goatee.  He prefers silk shirts. He had once tried to alter his look to appear more "manly" but nothing really worked.

Roger's Costumes can be found Downtown.

TENGU'S TEA HOUSE: In a neighborhood famous for Japanese cuisine, Tengu's Tea House is famous for it's atmosphere and fine dining.  It was one of the first restaurants to open in Tokyo West and almost from the beginning it has maintained it's five star rating.

Tengu's Tea House is famous for not only it's food, but it's lovely serving girls.  Most recently it has received it's latest import, master chef Yori Tomomitsu.  Daughter of famed chef Zuiken Tomomitsu and British Actress Pippa Stewart, Yori is considered a cooking prodigy.  She is not only a master of Neo Japanese, but she is also a master chef in the fields of French, Italian and Chinese cuisine as well.  Just don't ask her to cook anything English or one might get a cleaver to the forehead.

KOSMO'S: With a many facilities laying empty in Clawson it was no surprise that owners having to pay property tax and seeing no return might grow a little desperate.  Thus this is how one such facility became a night club/bar.  Rumor has it money changed hands to have a certain industrial park re-zoned and soon Kosmo's was open to much fanfare.  The owner, Kosmo Balabanov, a Russian "businessman" who set up shop after being "asked politely" to leave New York by his "business associates".  Kosmo was not a bad person, at least on the surface.  He just seemed to be a bad criminal.  This was evident when he was arrested for tax evasion and was later knifed in prison.  Ownership of his place was passed down to a wife who had been a former mistress; theory has it she was married so the bulk of Kosmo's money could be hidden in her name.  Later she was investigated for masterminding the killing of her husband but no evidence was ever found.  In any case Tamina King Balabanov has been too busy hosting parties on her immense yacht in the South Atlantic to pay much attention to the bar with her husband's name on it.

To say criminal activity takes place in Kosmo's is an obvious a statement as human beings need oxygen to survive.  The place is like the Mos Isley cantina, only with more colorful characters.  Minor league super criminals often frequent the place and police are loathe to shut it down because in the past it has proven to be an excellent source of intelligence.  Rumor has it there is an entrance to Science City's Underground here as well, but it has yet to be found.

DINER MO'S: If you are hungry and are looking for something a little different, then perhaps Diner Mo's is the place for you.  Located in Bloomfield near Clawson, DM's is a fine eating establishment open 24 hours that fully embraces a 50's dining atmosphere.  The servers are all women and dress from head to toe in fifties fasion; even their hair styles are from the era.  The menu too is gloriously, deliciously unhealthy and the owner, Mo, makes no compromises on that score.  The air is filled with the tunes of Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Bill Haley & His Comets, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, LaVern Baker and many others.

The menu is comparatively expensive, but patrons are paying for the atmosphere and experience (i.e. much like Jack Rabbit Slims in Pulp Fiction and the real world's Johnny Rockets).  Mo himself is seldom seen, although rumors abound that the large white man that sometimes comes out to greet guests is actually an actor and Mo himself is a sharp Korean woman angling to expand her restaurant into a nation wide chain.  Thusfar Diner Mo's has weathered the turbulent effects that have swept over the city and has managed to seem as if the fifties have never left.

PARANORMAL PRECINCT: Whenever money was tight, sadly Hamtramck's Police Headquarters seemed to bear the brunt of things.  The city had always depended upon surrounding Science City to pick up the slack and as a result sometimes Hamtramck Police was not taken seriously as a viable law enforcement agency.  However things have seemed to have taken a strange turn.

More and more people have been coming to the detectives of the Hamtramck Police Department to report odd occurences, be it zombie cat sightings or poltergeists or floating dimensional portals.  And the detectives of the now nick-named "Paranormal Precinct" have risen to the challenge, aiding police in other regions to take a look at the weird.  Hamtramck police officers have no special powers, they just seem to have unique insights and instincts that allow them to discern fact from fiction.

Hamtramck police officers take a perverse pride in their building's rundown appearance, some have even accused them of deliberately maintaining it's look as a decrepit throwback.

THE COMIC BUNKER/MOLLY McLOUGHLIN'S OFFICE: The Comic Bunker is a comic book store located near Ferndale, it has always struggled to stay open and it's owner, Henry Graham, has more than once considered closing it's doors.  However two things have allowed him to keep his doors open.  The first is Shelly Ebner, his chief employee, has agreed to work for minimum wage due in part to her love of working in the store.  The other is the basement is rented out to Lutheld Lantaneil, an elven private investigator who specializes in paranormal mysteries.

Luthelde and Shelley's basement office consists of a collection of old furniture as well as servers and file cabinets where they keep physical and electronic files.  There are two entrances/exits: one is from above and leads to the rear of the comic book store, the other to an alley.  Luthelde seldom meets clients here and the place is more often used for Shelley's various projects.  Luthelde keeps copies of all case files (Well, case files compiled by Shelly for her.) safely off site, just in case.  Oddly, Luthelde has taken a liking to the place despite her love of the finer things in life.

THE LAIR: Is it in poor taste or is it genius?  The jury is still out regarding The Lair, downtown Science City's latest restaurant.  Here diners sit in what appears to be the hidden base of Professor Fear, who is seldom seen but "Whose presence permiates these dark halls".  Patrons are waited on by numbered henchpersons, attractive men and women clad in skin tight black spandex, domino masks on their faces, known only by the numbers on their breasts.

No one is quite sure who owns The Lair, only that it has become quite the novelty spot to eat at.  The food is decent, the decor unique, the staff nice to look at.  Rumor has it that already there are talks about creating a franchise, of Lairs opening up in major cities nation wide if the place retains it's profitability through it's first year.

DIMENSIONALLY STABLE REGIONS: There are numerous small regions of stable real estate found throughout Science City, from a few square inches to several city blocks.  Below are some of the largest and most interesting.

AVALON ESTATES: When one thinks fairytale worlds they think of Disney movies like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid.  They see gleaming castles and beautiful people, princes and princesses.

"Avalon Estates" is pretty damn close to all of that.

The true name being Emeraldia, the region is a pocket dimension that is accessable via a dimension doorway just south of Fraser.  It comprises an area of roughly fifty square miles, one of the largest extramensional regions "attached" to Science City.  Here magic is very much in play and most technologies do not work.  Emeraldia's primary source of income is the tourist trade, with guests being treated almost like royalty in a fairytale environment with unicorns, fairies and the like.  Emeraldia's craftsmen also produce masterpieces in the fields of musical instruments and other items that produce a steady source of revenue.

Avalon Estates is ruled by Princess Tari Oronar.

HAUNTED HIGHWAY: Troy is an affluent region and is considered to be one of Science City's safest places to live.  At least it was until weird phenomena started showing up near Big Beaver Road.  The light grows dim and an unnatural fog often rolls in and there are numerous reports of paranormal activity.  So far none of the residents have been exposed to any hostile paranormal forces, or at least no one innocent has.  There have been several reports of thieves and looters being assaulted by supernatural beings, as if they might even be protecting the region.  So far any attempts to communicate with any possible unnatural presence has proven to be fruitless.

Molly McLoughlin (Private Psi) often finds herself called out to the area as are the officers and detectives of the "paranormal precinct".

MAGIC MILE:  The region known as the "Magic Mile can be found in the town of Redford Township, with an entire street being transplanted.  One moment a person might be driving  along  5 Mile Road, the next they find  themselves along a street consisting of mysterious shops, gaslit streets, cobblestone pathways where the sun never seems able to pierce  through a misty gloom.  Cell phone signals fade to zero bars and your electric car sputters and dies...

The residents of "Magic Mile" come from an Earth where technology never advanced beyond advanced steam power and rudimentary electronics, and for some strange reason the more advanced the technology, the worse it operates here.  The  buildings along these "quaint" streets hold shops that sell various curios that are often magical in nature, although when it comes to purchases it is often a case of Buyer Beware.  Other structures contain town houses whose residents were in their world upper middle class and retired domestics.

Oddly enough, where some regions appeared at random, cutting off streets, sewage pipes and power and gas lines, Magic Mile seemed to line up nearly perfectly.  And sunken power lines do not seem to suffer any disruptions; apparently the lines are deep enough so they are not unduly affected by the 'Mile's magical nature.

Magic Mile's "Mayor" is shop keeper Minnie Southaway, a "simple merchant" who possesses a saavy political and business sense.  It is difficult to tell whether or not she possesses any special powers, although her shop does sell interesting curios.

AZTEC ACRES: The city of Pontiac just can't catch a break.  Suffering from economic depression and high crime, it is now the "host" of a region of Amazon rain forest.  And a pyramid housing an ancient Aztec god.

The pyramid where the entity resides looks a bit worn and the inhabitants that live in the villages surrounding it seem more like the descendants of a more advanced culture.  They are insular and reluctant to deal with outsiders, but have accepted the charity offered by local residents.  They have taken up trade, exchanging simple crafts for items they cannot make themselves.  Anthropologists have come to visit the various tribes and live with them to try and discover the mysteries of their past.

Curiously the region now known as Aztec Acres is larger than it seems.  While it covers a city block, within it's environs the area seems to cover more than thirty square miles.  The environment has remained more South American in climate despit it being transplanted in a temperate region.

OLD CHINATOWN: West of Downtown Science City are four city blocks of mystery, a collection of narrow, twisting streets, alleyways and buildings where a Chinese community lives.  Transplanted to Science City from another place (the transplantees have proven to be tight lipped on where they have come from), "Old Chinatown" seems like something from an old Hollywood movie, or from the pages of a pulp novel.  Many men wear the traditional changsan ("long shirt"), the women clad in cheongsam dresses.  The area is full of laundrymats, martial art schools, Buddhist temples.  A hidden opium den was found.  Of course, not all shops and buildings are full of cliches, they are just the ones that seem to stand out the most.

Police suspect a strong criminal presence; several men were arrested with small axes on their person, the traditional weapon of a Tong gang member.  Locals remain tight lipped about any Tong presence, however.

Authorities suspect there may be some connection between "Old Chinatown" and the "Flying Fortress" (see below) but there is no direct evidence at this time.  Also while the region does contain an air of mystery and old world menace, there is no evidence that these streets and buildings harbor any supernatural dangers.  However, there are rumors of hidden underground passageways, of strange beasts spotted roaming the alleyways, and a mysterious ancient sorcerer who commands strange and powerful mystical beings...

FLYING FORTRESS: Floating serenely over Science City is a magical phenomena that has been come to be known as The Flying Fortress, a collection of buildings, rocks and trees that floats and drifts in some unknown manner.  Some have speculated the source of the Fortress' gravity-defying nature is magical, others think it may be some advanced technological agency is being employed.  The fact is no one knows because no one has been able to contact the (presumed) inhabitants of the facility.  All attempts to make a landing upon the structure have proven futile, with approaching aircraft losing power and narrowly avoiding crashing.

THE DRAIG COCH: One day a remote section of The Underground contained rubble and trash, a place even the homeless and hopeless had no use for.  The next and there was a bar, The Red Dragon.  The proprietor quickly arranged to pirate power and plumbing, then set about finding ways to get his hands on liquor.  The Red Dragon has become a place where the dispossessed and adventurous come, partly out of curiosity, partly to meet in privacy and security.

Science City police officials are well aware of The Red Dragon's existence but they have done nothing to shut it down.  Police have found that the bar is useful as a source of information.  They have also come to realize that acting against the establishment might have negative repurcussions in that the patrons might act against law enforcement.

Jerry Jenkins, the bar's owner, isn't exactly what you could call human.  Whether he is a represnetative of his species or a mutant or has some other reason for his comparatively odd appearance, he isn't saying.  Jerry speaks with a Welsh accent and is fond of cheap cigars and bourbon.  While he has only been in Science City a short time he seems to have developed an extensive network of contacts both criminal and otherwise.  More than one local celebrity has gotten their picture taken with the Draig Coch's owner.

SCREAMING MIMIS: Not all dimensional phenomena are static.  Some move from place to place, depositing little "gifts" here and there. No one knows exactly coined the term "Screaming Mimi" for the roaming dimensional incursions but the name has stuck.<>

Sometimes something harmless might come out of a Screaming Mimi such as pretty lights, butterflies, a snippet of music.  And other times something highly dangerous might spew forth like a party of raiding orcs.  The Screaming Mimis might pop up anywhere at any time and citizens have been advised to report one if spotted.  Screaming Mimis can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.