Twenty years ago Moron Crowe had been a very talented jewel thief.  Nick-named The Magpie by the British press, there seemed little that he could not get his hands on.  There was no security system he could not bypass, no building he could not penetrate, no gem he could not successfully fence.  Part of his success was due to his luck.

The other was due to the fact that he did not work alone.

Crowe had that rare ability in Man to inspire loyalty in anyone, even the hardest, most jaded of criminal.  His team possessed a wide variety of skills; cat burgalars, engineers, strong-arm men, spotters, information gatherers, it was a well-stocked crew and for fifteen years they were the best.

Then they got greedy and their luck ran out.

it was July '97 and London had gone insane.  Super villains, all with a score to settle with Lionheart and/or High Justice had converged to burn the city to the ground and loot it.  During the chaos Crowe and his team infiltrated the Tower of London, bypassing her sentries.  Or so they thought.  In reality the sentries, upon a request from Karma Doyle who waited within, allowed the Magpies to enter.  Crowe and the others found themselves confronting what was probably the world's most dangerous martial artist, one who was considerably upset that Lionheart's-her friend-family had been assaulted by men not unlike them.  Doyle proceeded to dislocate almost every single bone in their bodies, leaving them lying on the ground in unspeakable agony, helpless.

It took two years of rehabilitation before Crowe and his team could walk again, during that time they spent their hard earned cash staying out of prison and commissioning the creation of special exo-skeletons that would allow them to function.  All but one of the team stayed with Morton when he re-christened themselves the Murder of Crows.  Theft was still their game, but they would never let themselves be taken unaware or beaten without a fight ever again.

The Crows were incarcerated at MacLaren Isle, but due to the intervention of a mysterious being they were set free, seemingly free of the crippling pain that left them helpless without their exo-skeleton and possessing new powers.  Their freedom was short lived, however, and they are currently serving out their sentences.

All the 'Crows can transform into were creatures that resemble humanoid birds, with wings and taloned feet but they also still use their original gear.  All of them can fly, and some possess more abilities.

The team is as follows:

Raven/Morton Crowe: A public school drop out and disgrace to his family Crowe learned early on that he had a knack for leadership and an eye for fine jewelry.  Crowe's primary armament are armor piercing darts and razor-tipped wings.

Chough/Maggie Regan: Doing a little time in the IRA when she was a young teen, Maggie showed a talent for explosives.  She left the IRA when she realized her greed exceeded her patriotic fervor and hooked up with Crowe through and intermediary.  Her primary weapon too are razor-sharp wings as well as grenades.

Crow/Alan Goody: Goody was a compentent second-story man who crossed paths with Crowe when they targeted the same rich widow's diamond necklace.  Rather than start a fight the two agreed to split the earnings.  Both took an instant liking to one another, respecting each other's professionalism.  Goody's primary weapon are his razor sharp wings.  He and Chough were quite adept at the double-team swoop.

Grayjay, Greenjay, Bluejay (Mark, Martin & Michael Doubleday):  The Doubleday boys were all experienced engineers and electricians, they built specialized gear for criminals.  They did business for Morton a time or two, and when he offered them an equal cut in his team without making them give up their side business they agreed to join.  The Jays employ concussive darts.

Jackdaw/Jack Wheatly: Con man, fence, gigolo, thief, the bold Australian's resume is impressive.  The fact that he can also speak four languages and drive and fly almost anything made him an invaluable member of the team.  Jack's primary weapon is also a sonic blaster.  He and Magpie often partnered up for team-attacks.  Unfortunately for him that was the only partnership she was interested in.

Magpie/Rosalind Redgrave: A dancer, a singer, an actress, Rosalind always aspired for the big time but never quite had what it took.  However she did discover she had quite a talent for seduction.  With Morton's charisma combined with her own the two could seduce anyone.  Morton met her at a social engagement and was shocked to discover she had attempted to "play" him.  When he confessed he had attempted to do the same to her they found a mutual respect for one another's skills.  She readily agreed to his offer provided their relationship remained strictly professional, a decision Crowe has half-regretted ever since. Magpie's weapon is a sonic blaster.

NutcrackerAgnes Blodger: Muscle.  Every team needs it and Agnes was the team's answer to it.  A plain looking, big-boned girl, "Aggie" grew up a scrapper on the mean streets of Liverpool and had gotten into trouble early in life.  Morton had been a friend of a friend and when she had gotten in trouble with the law he had posted her bail.  Aggie begged him to make it up to him somehow, and Morton brought her in on a job.  She worked out remarkably well and got on with the boys surprisingly well, especially during an escape when she laid out a guard with one punch.  For Richard it was love at first sight and the two began an odd but honest love affair.  Aggie's exo-skeleton is augmented to provide her with enhanced strength, but in her were-form she is also abnormally strong.

Hood/Richard Stirridge: Muscle.  A vicious football (European) player, Richard had a talent for administering pain and suffering at any level.  He is not a sadist, though; to him it's all business.  Richard came around to break Morton's hand on behalf of an employee.  The fact that Morton did not scream when his hand was broken impressed Richard greatly, and when Morton, holding said broken limb, then offered him a job, Richard was intrigued.

Richard left the group after their mutual rehabilitation. He used his share of their loot-what was left of it-to open a pub in East London.  In terrible physical health, he is still a formidable man and those who thought to get revenge on him for his rough-and-tumble-past found he could still take care of himself.

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