The M.O.S.T. (Masters Of Science & Technology) are a team of "science criminals" who have gathered, pooling their intellects and resources.  After scoring a few modest successes the team turned to their most amibitious caper ever, to steal the vaunted, experimental Helix chip from Optimum Industries.  The job went bust when Maximum Justice showed up and pretty much handed them their collective heads (in Ed's case, literally).

Every member of the team was convicted and sent to prison, but since none of them outside of Entropy possessed super powers they were confined to medium security prisons.  This turned out to be a big mistake, as Spectrum, Firestone and Jack Han (The Gravity Man!) all fashioned their own escaped.  Mere weeks later they broke Entropy out and then recovered the Ed robot (because those things are expensive!).

The team laid low, taking on quiet jobs and mostly acting as consultants and engineers to construct special items for special jobs.  But it was only a matter of time before they wound up doing something stupid and public again...

The M.O.S.T. are...

JACK HAN(The Gravity Man!): Jack's background focuses on physics, most notably on gravity and how to produce and negate gravitons (the subatomic particle that is caused by large masses).  So far Jack has not been able to produce more than 10 g's of force, but that is plenty to stop most people.  He is also able to negate gravity.  In both cases the larger the object/field the less effective his abilities are.

Jack's costume consists of white boots that smoothly fade to gray into his pants and tunic, which has black shoulders.  He now wears a helmet with a built in visor designed to fit his prescription because a hero robbed him of his glasses during an earlier fight.  His forearms are bulky, almost like Popeye's, due to the equipment stored in them.  Jack stands five foot five, he has a slight build and looks a little nerdy out of costume.

FIRESTONE & SPECTRUM: Samantha "Sam" Upstein Firestone was a genius in the field of laser technology.  She was fired from her last legitimate job when she was caught selling corporate secrets to a rival.  The only thing that kept her out of prison was a good plea bargain deal and the threat she would claim her boss sexually assaulted her, giving her the motivation to do what she did.  She walked but it meant she never had a shot at a real job in that field again.  She met her future husband Stan a few months later at a sci-fi convention and hit it off when they both discovered they were hard core Iron Man fans.  He took her back to his place showed her his tool chest and the rest was history.

Stan's background was a bit more conventional; he was an impatient man who never completed college, and in truth never needed it.  The problem was no one would hire him without a degree and he went into business for himself as an engineer who could construct just about any machine to take on any job.  The problem was he could not get the funding because (you guessed it) without a college degree no investor believed he was capable of doing what he claimed he could do.  At this time he met his future wife a comic book convention and fell madly in love.

Sam convinced her husband to turn to a life of crime, and the rest is infamy.

Spectrum's costume is black but shimmers with a rainbow effect when the light hits it just right.  She wears a pair of way-cool glasses that instantly darken to compensate for flashes.  She employs several lasers as well as a jet pack, flash grenades and other equipment that might be needed for a specific job, most recently she built in a force shield that employs "hard light" that helps to shield her from impact, it takes the form of a three foot diameter golden shield that originates around her wrist.  She is a very attractive woman, standing five foot eleven inches and possessing a lithe build.  She keeps her brown hair cut short to prevent it from getting in the way.

Firestone is a bulky man fighting a battle against the bulge.  His outfit is very functional, dark gray with pockets various parts of his body.  He carries a laser built to his wife's specifications as well as a dozen other gadgets and tools, among them grenades of varying yield, plastic explosives and the like.  He often equips himself for specific jobs and to counter certain adversaries.

ENTROPY: Elbert Finnes had been a brilliant scientist working on the nature of entropy, the heat-death of the universe.  His research was illegally aided by illicitely gained Styf technology as he attempted to learn whether or not "entropic forces" were more prevalent in some parts of the universe than others.  Something horrible happened when his makeshift equipment failed and Elbert was mutated, twisted into the monstrisity that un-lives today.

Elbert, the team's only true para-normal, is able to affect the nature of organic and chemicals, changing their composition and "aging" them.  His power is much less effective against metals and plastics although in some cases he could super-rust or super corrode some metals.  Entropy's costume is a black body suit worn over his skeletally gaunt frame.  His dead eyes almost bulge from his sockets and only come to life when there is a life to take.

ED: Ed's origins are unknown, although it is rumored he was built by the (in)famous Dr. Hades.  Ed functions as the team's muscle and added firepower.

Ed is strong and about as agile as your average human.  His on-board tracking and software systems make him a deadly shot, and his crisis/event algorhythms allow him to act with some degree of independance when necessary.  His primary weapon is his twin "anti-gluon" blasters mounted on his wrists, they deliver a nasty combination of heat-damage and kinetic impact.

Ed stands six foot five, he is humanoid in shape and his metallic "skin" is a dark gun metal blue.

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