A team of teenagers assembled by Lord Dread, the members of Legacy were each descended by an earlier generation of heroes and villians.  They faced off against The Dynamics three times, each time a draw.  At this time members of Legacy are either deceased, missing or in custody, their future uncertain.
Wormhole: The son of the villian Warper, Wormhole could open space warps for quick attacks and retreats.  A physical cowards, Wormhole usually drops the team off and zips out, waiting nearby to prepare a quick retreat.
Fracture: La Paille's nephew, Fracture was able to see weak spots in structures and people and could use his powers to shatter them.  His most effective attack was to break Kinkaid's arm, weakened from working out.

Fracture wears a protective suit of armor for self protection, after Battle Maiden nearly disemboweled him.

Sunjack: The son of the Australian hero of the same name, Sunjack could fly, generate a force field and fire bolts of intense heat and concussion.
Legion: Legion claims he is the villian Multi-Man's son, but there is no physical or legal proof (Multi Man never spent a day in the system, so no DNA is on record).  Originally it was thought he was able to duplicate into at least a half dozen identical forms, but it has since been discovered he is really sextuplets who can form into a single being.

The members of Legion like to dress sharp, but beneath their clothing is a layer of duraweave for protection.

Veer:  The villian Counterforce's son, Veer is able to deflect anything, from physical attacks like punches and bullets to energy blasts.  Veer is also sometimes able to direct an attack at another target entirely, depending on location.
Kommodo: The villian Dragon Man's daughter, Kommodo could transform into a large reptillian form with extreme regenerative abilities as well as tremendous strength and durability, with massive claws and a devastating bite.

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