The Khushastaahd region located in the Balkans consists of stark mountains and deep, hidden valleys.  It's people are a stoic, private lot who over the centuries have done their best to avoid political and religious strife, and for the most part have been successful due to the poor condition of their land.  During Soviet leader Tito's rule very little relocation had gone on, which reduced any ethnic strife.  Through the forties to the sixties there had been no signs of any independent movement from this stoic mountain people, but then in 1974 that had changed.

A warlord appeared employing very sophisticated weaponry.  Called only The Kommisar, he carved out a chunk of what is now Slovenia along the Austria border.  Tito was never able to re-take this land and pressure from the United Nations caused him to finally back down.  Initially members of the UN security council saw this as a positive sign that Tito was losing his grip of the diverse people of Yugoslavia, but it turned out to be quite different.  Tito only stepped up reprisals on any potential uprisings, and The Kommisar refused any overtures to open relations with the rest of Europe or the United States.

Over the next few years It seemed that the world had another Lord Dread upon their hands; a mysterious dictator with unknown motives, employing technology far in advance of what he should have posessed.  But The Kommisar made no bombastic speeches, he did not threaten.  He merely ruled in silence over an equally taciturn people.

Khushastaahd is known to deal in drug running, sexual slavery and illegal arms sales.  It is believed that numerous small terrorist training camps of various groups dot the various small valleys.  Many international criminals are suspected of living in Khushastaahd, provided their Swiss bank accounts are full.

Khushastaahd suffered a nuclear detonation underground that destroyed one of their major facilities.  This has resulted in harsh crackdowns and further political and social isoloation.  No one knows whether the detonation was an attack from a foreign power or a weapons test gone awry.  The reality is a group known as The Reapers attempted to kill The Kommisar and failed, and one of the members set his own suit of powered armor to explode.


Located along an inhospitable stretch of mountainside, the Kommisar's base of operations was constructed upon the remains of an old Roman outpost.  Over the years the facility has been expanded; barracks, scientific labs, anti-aircraft missile emplacements have all been installed.  The Kommisar's Kastle is now a small city accessable only by air and well guarded mountain passes
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The base contains training facilities for the Kommisar's crack troops, but it also contains luxuries more commonly found at the most expensive and high class hotels of Europe.  Indoor pools, saunas, gymnasium, game rooms, brothels, no expense is spared to provide for The Kommisar's guests.
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The interior of the mountain is honey-combed with caverns and tunnels, both natural and man made.  Here can be found bomb shelters that could (in theory) withstand a hydrogen bomb detonation above on the surface.  Also here can be found a series of underground streams and rivers that provide the base with some minor hydro electric power and plenty of fresh water.

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While the slopes of the mountain are dotted with electrical windmills, the main source of power for the Kommisar's Kastle can be found deep within the bowels of the mountain.  Here is an advanced geo thermal tap that provides the base with an inexhaustible and clean source of power.  The technology employed is unknown; while geo-taps have been employed world wide, none show the sophistication that this facility employs.

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