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The Hustlers are a group of mercenaries assembled by some unknown backer. They are equipped with a variety of hi-tech weapons that produce a variety of effects.  The group is outfitted with a pool-ball motif; there are fifteen members, the even numbered ones wear solid colored costumes while the odd numbered ones wear white outfits with a foot-wide stripe down the center.

The Hustlers are equipped as follows:

1. Mind Blast
2. Martial Artist (no weapon)
3. Super strength via exoskeleton
4. Sub-Atomic Destabalizer
5. Magnetic Grappler
6. Kinetic Blaster
7. Gas Grenade Launcher
8. Mind Control Device
9. Tangler
10. Sound Blaster
11. Arc Launcher
12. Flame Thrower
13. Cold Projector
14. Laser
15. Gravity Projector

There have been two separate teams of Hustlers, all thirty of them are doing time.  However, there is no doubt that when the need arises another team will be assembled.

It is believed-although it is by no means confirmed-that the true leaders of The Hustlers is the mysterious Cue Ball.

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