LAST LINEUP: Lionheart, The Morrigan, Grimoire, Felisomballa, Mustapha, Witch's Brew

FORMER MEMBERS: Captain Savage, Lionheart I, Victor, Templar, Triton, Stalker, Daedelus, Gateway, The Cavalier, Artemis, Orion, Karma Doyle, Black Tiger, Chimera, El Colt, Mass, Prana, Krigare, Acelerador

In the aftermath of World War II and the advent of the Cold War, the United Nations Council on Paranormal Activities decided a strike force was needed to counteract paranormal threats to world peace and to investigate unusual circumstances beyond the scope of other agencies.  The team was comprised of former members of WW II's Super Squadron and was headed by that former unit's commander, Lionheart I.

Things went wrong from the start.  Conserative elements did not trust High Justice to be able to work effectively with other departments.  Other departments refused to work with High Justice altogether.  And some groups distrusted paranormals from the word go and assumed the worst.

Things got worse as Senator Joseph McCarthy's witch hunt for communists resulted in Captain Audie Murphy losing control of the United States' only super hero team.  This drove Murphy into an alliance with his old comrade Lionheart, who in disgust with the way he and his team was treated broke away from UN control.  McCarthy used these actions as an excuse to send his team, The Watchdogs, against High Justice.  In the first super team battle since WW II High Justice not only prevailed but proved that McCarthy was a mind controlled pawn of a Soviet agent.  High Justice gained both vindication and credibility.

Over the next few decaded HJ would face numerous threats world wide, both paranormal and supernatural.  The team's roster would often change but one thing always remained; a desire to do right, to defend the world and its people no matter what their race, religion or creed.

After the events of the EDI the members of High Justice decided it was wise to disband the team.  The common opinion was their performance during the EDI was less than stellar, and that newer, younger heroes-or at least heroes with younger hearts-were better suited to the task of defending the planet.

THE CITADEL: In early nineteen sixty one the villain known as Nemo attempted to use ancient Atlantean technology to destroy Great Britain.  All he suceeded in doing was cause several sea quakes and raise a large spit of land up from the ocean depths.  High Justice, based in London at this time, surveyed this new island and gained permission from both the British and Irish governments to lay claim to it.  Over the next five years they constructed a base.

The Citadel is a squat gray fortress with several graceful spires.  It has been constructed to be easily defensable, difficult to break into and equally difficult to escape from once security lockdown ensues.  It had been modified over the years to take advantage of new technologies and materials.

The Citadel is built over a series of underwater tunnels that grant access to the ocean.  Here the group stores its three submersables, two of which were spoils from earlier cases against old enemies.  The entrances to these caves are as secure as any other entrance, as an old battle with Barracuda and his School of Doom taught the team to expect attacks from any quarter.

The Citadel is currently inhabited by Soleste and her faerie minions, the name has been changed to Solestia, rule benevolently by The Barrow Queen herself.


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