ORIGINAL MEMBERSHIP: War Pig, Neon Knight, Caress of Steel, Crazy Train, Superbeast, Turbo Lover, Ace of Spades, Unholy, Symphony of Destruction (S.O.D.), Rooster, Machine Head

Heavy Metal has been around since the early eighties.  The line up has frequently changed but the core team members have always been Neon Knight, Caress of Steel and their robot Crazy Train (who has often undergone substantial upgrades when available).  Turbo Lover joined the group in the late eighties and has been with the group on again and off again for years.  The most recent new members are Superbeast, who joined the group in '99 after a falling out with his brothers, and Rooster.

The team works both as a mercenary force and independently, depending on their financial situation.  They are very dangerous and are not above taking jobs specifically to kill super heroes.  The origins of the latest incarnation are still largely a mystery, as for the first time none of the current line up consists of a founding member.

Rooster II
Neon Knight II
Master of Puppets
Machine Head
Angel of Death

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