ORIGINAL MEMBERSHIP: The Alchemist, The Artificer, The Druid, The Necromancer, The Seer, The Sorcerer

The original Circle of Sorcery were team of mystic beings drawn together by Annette, a member of the magical Sargasso clan who used them for her own ends.  Posing as The Seer, she employed her ability to catch glimpses of the future to better plan their heists.  Ultimately the team's usefulness had come to an end and she faked her death, but her attempts to destroy the team by informing High Justice of their whereabouts met with failure.  Likewise later attempts to destroy them met with a similar lack of success.  Only The Artificer died.  Later, The Sorcerer died and came back to life, but is now in custody., The Druid lost her powers to the new Druid and is in prison as well, as is The Necromancer. The Alchemist's whereabouts are unknown.

Currently there is a new team of villains calling themselves The Circle of Sorcery.  Consisting of only women, their motives are unknown at this time. What makes them especially dangerous is the versatility of their abilities as well as their unpredictable nature.

Il Spinoso Rosa: Cipriana Giordano was an Olympic class fencer as well as an excellent The Thorny Rose is an Olympic level fencer and gymnast who was black listed after being tested positive for a magical tattoo that gave her an unfair advantage.  She was banned for life from competition.  Bitter, she was found by El Bruja, who recruited her to the team and provided her with a magical blade with numerous abilities (it was used in NYC to open a space/time shortcut, for example).

The Thorny Rose's tattoo enhances all her natural abilities to super human levels.  Cipriana has yet to find the bastard tattoo artist who gave her the magic tattoo.  But when she does blood will be spilt.

El Bruja Travieso: The Mischievous Witch is infamous in Spain and other European countries for her numerous crimes, most of them committed in some of the most scandalous outfits ever seen on a super villain.  No one knows her origin or her motives outside of seemingly enjoying causing havok and making the spare euro, but her antics have placed her on the Most Wanted list in numerous nations.  Most recently she has led her team to the United States.

El Bruja has numerous magical powers, the full range of which have yet to be defined.

Vila: Another being whose origins are cloaked in mystery, Vila first appeared in Poland where she caused scandal after scandal in rural towns seducing numerous men.  She barely escaped a lynch mob and fled West, where she ran into Bruja and Rosa while they were similarly on the run from a police manhunt.  They joined forces and managed to make their escape, then decided to stick together.

Vila has numerous mental powers, from mild precognition to being able to alter the perceptions of others.  She is able to fly and seems to have numerous other ill-defined abilities.