The Bureau of Paranormal Affairs is a Federal agency tasked with the monitoring of criminal and civilian super powered indivuals and events in the United States.  The BPA absorbed the paranormal division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as some other agencies.  The Bureau's mission statement is to protect and educate those paranormals who need it, pursue and incarcerate those paranormals who deserve it.

As well as taking on the duties of the FPBI, the BPA now has nominal oversight Pure Power's Plant.  While it does not interfere with the day-to-day functions of the school, it now provides on-sight security for the facility and it's surrounding property.  It is also in charge of the "super prison" known as The Hole
While the BPA's duties are almost entirely confined to the United States it does operate paranormal teams and agents whose duties sometimes take them outside of American territories.

PBA officers
are armed with and specially trained in the use of advanced weapons, and they are given an extensive education in the nature of what it means to be super human.  And there are some BPA agents who actually have super powers. These super powered agents usually possess "low key" abilities, powers which are easily hidden and in most cases are more useful in investigating crime rather than battling super powered criminals.  Many have administrative and/or liason duties.  These agents have been given nick names which over time have stuck:

AGENT A: Agent A's powers allow him to alter his appearance, so he was given the nick-name "Agent Alias".  He can completely immerse himself into a role so completely that he has been forbidden to accept field assignments for "a while" due to an "unfortunate incident" that involved him shooting a fellow FBI agent.

Agent A dislikes being deskbound, but he understands why he is in the metaphorical dog house.  And truth to tell, being under cover can be very stressful.  While he is chomping at the bit to get back out into the field, he is grateful for the rest from field duty.

AGENT E: Samantha "Sam" McHenry exists in mental contact with a (possibly) infinitude of other 'Sams'. The contact exists in three basic modes. The first is background where everyone receives an almost subliminal knowledge that might be useful in any particular situation. Background is much like perusing a vast library or doing a web search; there is little focussed thought involved and it works continuously. The second is conversation where two or more Others are speaking and sharing information consciously. The third is rapport where the minds are joined very closely so that sensory information can be shared and even one's body can be controlled by another. Some elder Others suggest that Samantha's merging with Sam is a fourth mode while others argue it is merely a fluke and unstable happenstance.

From this, Samantha derives abilities that are less flashy than most but can be potent in the right circumstances.

E is the current head of the BPA.

AGENT O: "Observation" is Agent O's forte.  She is able to psychically witness events happening from afar through some manner of psychic observation.  The problem is, sometimes the information is inadmissable so she has to be very careful in how she employs her abilities.  Her power is useful in situations like monitoring a hostage crisis or acting as a sniper.  As a matter of fact, Agent O was an effective sniper for years and loves guns.  Big guns.  The bigger the better.

AGENT U: Being able to see up to five minutes into the most probable future might  sound like a neat power, but like his fellow agents, Agent U (for "upstage") has to be very careful on how he employs it.  Shooting a suspect because he "saw" the man pull the trigger on his hostage just does not cut it.  However, the abilities do lead him to aiding fellow agents into avoiding many an unfortunate outcome.  Agent U has been able to employ his power in hand to hand combat, seeing his opponent's moves micro-seconds before the person makes them.  There have been man a time where he has been able to walk into a group of dangerous men and physically dismantle them.

Agent I: Sophie Reagan is a mutant with the ability to bend light around her, making herself and anything or anyone close to her invisible.  She had been a juvenile delinquent, using her powers to shoplift and and generally get into all sorts of trouble.  Then the first Tandian invasion happened and Sophie wound up using her powers to help a hodge-podge force of Army soldiers and state troopers lead a counter offensive.  Sophie's juvenile record was expunged and she discovered she actually liked being a hero. She cleaned up her life and at the insistence of a friend of the family she attended college, graduating with a degree in languages (Arabic, due to her grandmother being Egyptian).  She then joined the BPA as the new Agent I (Invisible).

Agent S/Agent Smith: The former hero (briefly) known as Deathwish, Kelbert Cooper possesses tremendous regenerative abilities rivaled only by heroes such as Redcap.  He is able to heal from wounds that would kill most ment outright.  He is also largely immune to pain.  His now infamous start as a vigilante came to a crashing halt when he was arrested by FPBI agents while interfering with an investigation.  Normally this would have been the start and end of things, but Deathwish redeemed himself when during his arrest the team came under attack by hi-tech villains.  His hands cuffed behind him, Deathwish ran straight at the shooters, absorbing horrific wounds in the process but allowing the FPBI agents to rally and ultimately defeat and arrest the criminals.  In the aftermath Deathwish was offered a job, one he gladly took.  He attended Quantico and passed it's rigorous regimen and was awarded Special Agent status.

Agent S ("S" for sponge.  As in bullet sponge.), also sometimes known as Agent Smith often partners with Agent J and are known as The Dream Team...although no one ever calls them that to their faces.

While he is able to heal from numerous injuries, Agent Smith is no fool and often wears body armor.  While he was offered a job due to his powers and bravery, Agent Smith has worked very hard to prove that he is more than just a bullet sponge.  He has shown some considerable skill at forensic accounting.

Agent Jones: Sebastian Jones was a promising Washington DC prosecutor.  He was young, charismatic, intelligent and ambitious.  He had political aspirations in mind, a senate seat was in his not-too-distant future.  Then in an effort to delay his trial a criminal had Sebastian gunned down in the street.  After six hours of intense operation Sebastian died on the table.  Then he came back.  As a ghost.  Now legally dead, Sebastian's life was over as far as politics were concerned.  All that was left of him now was revenge against the sonsabitches who had done this to him.  But he still loved the law, so instead of becoming a vigilante he offered his services to the FPBI.  He earned a special dispensation from the President of The United States and was able to join.

"Agent J" (his nick-name due to a passing resemblance to Will Smith) and sometimes called Agent Jones is unable to die by conventional means, but he is vulnerable to mystic attacks.  He is able to fade through walls, turn invisible, and he possesses special senses beyond the range of normal humans.  His favorite tactic is to allow his partner Smith to make a splash, then catch the perps off guard from behind.  Lazarus is an excellent lawyer, and while his prosecutorial days are over his research abilities are still sharp as are his legal instincts.


PBA Officers: While many PBA agents are plain clothes types that conduct forensic investigations, a majority of PBA personnel consists of men and women armed with the very latest in hi-tech weaponry and armor.  They may appear to be some paramilitary force and many are recruited from the various branches of the United States military, but each one has also undergone rigorous FBI training courses and are well aware of the importance of exercising proper force against both conventional and paranormal threats.