Nestled in the well-to-do suburb of Gross Point Park, The Vindicators base is the former residence of team financier Margaret Ashe.  The Mansion was constructed in the early twentieth century by her father Darius Ashe, himself a self-made man and a successful investor and philathropist.  The mansion has seen several renovations and modernizations over the years, the most recent one being the most major when the mansion was all but destroyed by the Tandians. Media mogul Franz DeTillo  concocted a scheme to rebuild the mansion and outlying buildings as a tourist attraction, but it turned out his reach exceeded his grasp and it was discovered he was heavily in debt and many of his properties were siezed by the IRS.  The property was purchased by Motor City and in turn was sold to The Vindicators.

Margaret Ashe: Still very much a mystery, Margaret Ashe had become a recluse in the last thirty years of her life after her husband, Turner
Ashe, disappeared in The Congo on a safari.  She had regularly donated to charities and political causes (she was apparently a die-hard
Libertarian) and from the archives in her mansion's library still read newspapers and kept up on current events.

In reality Margaret Ashe is Annette, Grimoire's aunt and member of the mysterious Sargasso clan of sorcerers.  Annette set up the identity of
Margaret Ashe some years ago after The First Doom (the Styf attack upon the Earth) and spent the next thirty years developing a painstakingly
detailed false history.  She then had Ashe "die" when it was decided a series of super hero teams was needed and her vast wealth was channeled into creating and supporting one of these groups.  Annette's original motives for creating the Margaret Ashe identity are unknown, although it is entirely possible the identity's primary purpose may have been as a money laundering front or other potentially less-than-savory uses. Only Melody Vinge or Marion Bradley may have any clue (NOTE: Margaret Ashe's true nature is still not known to The Vindicators.)



1 Entrance Hall 2 Security Room 3 Hip Fernandez's office 4 Meeting Room  5 West Palm Court 6 Living Room
7 Gallery 8 Rec Room 9 Great Ballroom 10 Stair Hall 11 Men's Coatroom 12 Gallery Hall (East)
13 East Breakfast Room 14 Billiard Room 15 East Palm Court 16 Dining Room 17 East Tea Room 18 Terrace
19 Outdoor Pool 20 Gazebo 21 Arcade 22 Servant's Wing 23 Terrace 24 Nurse's office


25 Stairwell 26 Stair Hall 27 Gallery Hall 28 Vortex's Room
29 Aahhchoo's Room
30 Guest Room
31 Bath 32 Work Shop
33 Guest Suite 34 Terrace 35 Bath 36 Dressing Room.
37 Boudoir 38 Empire 39 Upstairs Kitchen 40 Upstairs Dining Room. 41 Kinkaid's Room
42 Takeda's Room
43 Knack's Room
44 Trickshot's Room
45 Wolf's Room
46 Willhelm's Room
47 Forensics Lab  48 Electronics Lab
49 Machine Shop
50 Bath 51 Machine Shop 52

NOTE: all suites come complete with their own bathrooms, however certain suites have more luxurious accommodations.

The grounds contain six other buildings to fulfill the team's other needs.  The first is a garage and work shop that houses a small fleet of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles as well as a full facility to maintain them.  The westernmost building is a hangar containing both long and short range aircraft as well as a machine shop that allows mechanics to make surprisingly extensive repairs.  The centermost building is
1. Mansion & pool 2. Garage & work shop 3. Hangar
4. Medical facility 5. Dormitory 6. Paranormal internment

7. The Hell Hole

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